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just curious( yea i know this is gonna sound like a real silly question),, but whats the best thing to use to clean this TV, my other LCD i used a micro fiber cloth and water,(actually i had that monster screen clean... got it as a gift from my son) reckon it would harm the screen if i used the same on this TV? The cleaning cloth LG supplied isnt exactly big is it lol ...Also..reckon it worth getting the extended service plan?
i have one of the RCA remotes and i just had to press the "guide" button
OK, i have to confess, personally the reason why i ask questions is that sometimes im just too damn lazy to search on the other hand, thats a very good point "madpoet" mentioned
This is where i got the info from in regards to the RCA remote : http://openlgtv.org.ru/wiki/index.ph...te#RCA_remotes There it lists a few other RCA models that will also do the trick
ok the model number i got was RCR312WR from what ive read,this one should work http://www.walmart.com/ip/RCA-4-Devi...ntrol/14178197model number : RCR4258NHope this helps
Phew glad i saw this post before posting,,i was gonna ask if enabling the THX 3D also enables THX,,,,i guess not due to there being 2 diff options also,just to clarify..whenever theres a change in this menu ,you need to turn off the TV,,approx 30 sec then back on?
Got back home yesterday with my RCA $8 remote from walmart... tried it on my LG b4 i took it back to see if it works ( taking the LG back for a replacement due to it being cracked dented etc on the edge)..5 hours ,2 best buys and 155 miles i came home with my new LG. today. set up my LG again
superb,thanks for the info, im off to walmart later to see if they have the remote i need ,if not ill order it on line,, not in too much of a rush,im takin my 5600 back today for a replacement (3-5 day wait).. i noticed the bottom left corner it looks like the plastic corner has had a knock, melted , or it wasnt properly molded in the factory or somthing. The rest of the Tv is great,but if i dont get it sorted i know ill be whinging like a little baby
Id like to know this also. And another question people who have gone into the service menu,enabled THX etc,,is it worth going out and buying a remote to do this...( personally im thinking thats a yes),but would like to know
Just finished putting together my new 47lw5600,,well actually finished last night lol.totally love it,now to start setting the display settings. Got lil annoyed when i picked it up at BB,,, the guy taking it to the car turned to the misses and said " dunno why he paid for this ,he could've got a plasma for much less"...maybe he should just do his job,,,grrrrrr
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