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Must say that I'm impressed with REDBOX and their pricing ! Since setting up an account with them no more blind buys on BD's. Anyway watched Grandmaster on BD and thought it had some chest pounding BASS !! Not sure what to think about the movie as a whole . What about this Movie ? Did it have any bass as the trailer indicates ? Man of Tai Chi 2013 Keanu Reeves Movie. I don't recall it being mentioned here. Bass, good movie- ?
Awesome !!! You made out like a bandit at that price !!!
What are you thinking about going with as a replacement ?
Already EXPIRED if it ever existed !!!http://www.dealsofamerica.com/Olympus-Has-Fallen-Two-Disc-Combo--Blu-ray--DVD-Used/266825.htm
True !! So true !!
Awesome that all is working fine. Now time to make up for lost time. (LOL) Crank it up !!!
Now that's an Awesome upgrade to the 929. I'm glad you are getting something from Onkyo ,as it has to be a huge hassle with what you have been through with the 809 !!!Be sure to post up on your thoughts of the 929 compared to the 809.Good luck.....
Well on the weekends I have been going in my BD collection here lately, just to keep the woofers from drying out as well (LOL)
I was also informed that if you email jose.torres@us.onkyo.com you can also get a quick reply.
New Posts  All Forums: