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Wow! GREAT find.
On days like this, I hate living on the East Coast. I've been following your build...anyone who can make it NEEDS to go!
to the OP, please take this advice.  I owned a Mitsubishi HC7000 from 2009 through 2012--I started with just a wall, and after a few months, I upgraded from the wall to a screen and the difference was outstanding.  in 2012 I upgraded to a JVC-RS45, and while the black levels were better, the colors and sharpness of the JVC did not match the mitsubishi.  Then I upgraded my screen from an Elite CineTension2 motorized model to a Stewart ST130 G3, and AGAIN, I saw a noticeable...
To anyone local to the DC area, Best Buy Magnolia in Columbia, MD has a Sony 600 ES on display in use with a Panamorph lens on a stewart curved screen.
For anyone interested, the Best Buy Magnolia in Columbia, MD has a Sony 600 ES on display in use with a Panamorph a-lens on a curved screen. Grab your blu rays and head over there for some fun!
It’s funny, I actually said “happy wife, happy life’ at my reception when the Mrs. asked for the microphone while I was thanking people. It got the crowd roaring in laughter. I do want her to be happy, and I’d probably agree wit purchasing a crappy piece of furniture if she really was in love with it—particularly since she’s found no practical reason to bar me from taking the whole basement as my own. Oh nah man, biblically, the man is the priest of the home. A powerful...
Move-in day is next week, and demo weekend is the following week. It’s so close, I can smell it…..literally, I recently smelled the fresh [doomed] drywall as I walked through ;-)   We are going to take our time with the furniture—no major rush there, but my gosh—it’s so much harder shopping for furniture these days.  Back in the day, you just got the least expensive set.  Now, preferences and comfort are actual considerations. Lol. Add to that, the concept of balancing...
the plan was to make it an uber lounge, but 99.056888% sure I'm sticking with the original plan.
For anyone wondering why I was (and may still be) willing to spend the $ necessary to move that bathroom, the below would be the resulting space:  
They just HAD to show that Roxy 2.0 theater on the home page…..now, I’m in love with the glass doors allowing a view into the theater.  How can I implement something similar? Does see-through rubber material exist for doors?  Seems like it might be an absorbent material for sound--equal or similar to mass of a solic-core dore? (judging from the mass of my favorite rubber ball that I owned as a child  )
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