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the plan was to make it an uber lounge, but 99.056888% sure I'm sticking with the original plan.
For anyone wondering why I was (and may still be) willing to spend the $ necessary to move that bathroom, the below would be the resulting space:  
They just HAD to show that Roxy 2.0 theater on the home page…..now, I’m in love with the glass doors allowing a view into the theater.  How can I implement something similar? Does see-through rubber material exist for doors?  Seems like it might be an absorbent material for sound--equal or similar to mass of a solic-core dore? (judging from the mass of my favorite rubber ball that I owned as a child  )
 I'm no calibrator extraordinaire, but I've had light and dark walls/ceilings in the same room, and in the end--the only thing that really made a difference (at least, a difference that was worth the four coats of flat black paint [never again!]) was the dark ceiling.  My viewing experience wasn't really impacted outside of the fact that the entire screen now had great contrast, instead of the bottom 75% with the white ceiling. I think the curved screen also helps by...
If i remember correctly, the FMP-X1's user interface doesn't display through Sony's 4k projector inputs.  only their 4k televisions can take advantage of the interface.  The tablet is more of a workaround birthed from this limitation, as opposed to an innovation in media control.
I have a special affection for this minimalist design, not only because it's gorgeous, but because it's also the route I'm taking in my build.  Although I can definitely appreciate opulent designs, light and sound reflections become a factor with those aspects of a theater.  This theater doesn't have such issues at all.  Looking at it, i would never have guessed it's a 13x17 room.  The space between the rows alone--visible through the entry doors--makes the room look much...
Oh man--footrests kind of mess up the aesthetic I'd be going for. Hmmm, I wonder if they sell (or if I could hire company to make) footrests that slide all the way under the seat. See, i honestly like the recliners--particularly the love seats.  I've sat in those seating setups and they have been very comfortable.  i have no shame in admitting that I like the cuddling too--I just got married in January and the honeymoon shan't end! if I did the recliners, I'd have maybe...
Not if a flat panel goes up on the dividing wall.
This space looks like it has nearly unlimited potential for a projection-based theater if the right steps are taken (Mike's advice above is great to get you started).  Ever thought of adding a wall between the rear of the entertainment space and the pool table? 
LOLOLOL....I NEARLY FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR LAUGHING AT THIS ONE--THIS IS THE FUNNIEST POST I'VE READ IN YEARS!!!!! Oh nope, given our investment in the theater, and our perpetual dissatisfaction with anything below 100+ inches, we aren't going to bother updated our Plasmas.  We have two Panasonics--one 50' PZ model and one 55" ST model, and a 32" LCD tv as well.  No sense in buying new ones at all!
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