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Ohhh man! A steam room/sauna!!!! Dude, you're a genius! I'll try to get some quotes in in a couple of weeks.Nah not yet....I want to get there and put a tape measure to everything first!Hmmmm, interestingly, I didn't even think about speaker wire distance...i definitely have XLR cables that are long enough though. I think I'll heed your advice and place them behind the screen wall! Thank you, sir!
Lolol, no kids in there period! At least, not while they're still children.Lolol.....nah man, the basement is all mine! The nursery will have to be one of the spare bedrooms.
I'm a big JVC fan, but I'll be using a 12' wide screen so the Sony is a must. But I have no doubt that the JVC had better contrast....I'm a former RS56 owner, and if this round of JVCs had the Sony's brightness and native 4k panels (better upscaling and a bit longer longevity, imo), I might have gone that route first.
I'm a current 600 owner, but I plan to get an RS57 for casual viewing and gaming....I look forward to putting these head to head. These comparisons are quite interesting.
12' ft wide.
This entire post is A/V excellence!  26.6....wow.
I've been thinking the same thing about the back boxes...that's a lot of them to make, and a lot of opportunity for error.  Each one must be made meticulously.  You don't strike me as the kind of guy who would mess that up, but me one the other hand...I've never build anything of significance.  My greatest fear is rushing one, and then having the dishes rattle on the table above the theater everytime a Transformers shoots a gun. Clearly, I will be copying your technique...
Modeled the right half of the basement, which includes the finished bathroom that I almost tore down.  One room is going to be a game room (pool table, multiple flat panels showing multiple games, etc.) and one room is going to be.....I'm not sure yet.  Any ideas?   Edit: Here's what I'm thinking so far for the TBD room:   1) Command Center (small server room/rendering station for future projects) 2) Relaxation Room with these on the ceiling and these on the...
Thanks Jonny.....btw, LOVE the signature/handle. JONNY 5 IS ALIVE!!!!!!! 90's throwback!
Not a chance!!!!!!!  
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