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Can that lens accurately pass 4k resolution? i've been thinking about going that route only to maximize brightness--but the 33% light loss to these lenses, v. the light lost by zooming the picture seem almost identical.  Still on the fence on going this route (would still use Lumagen NLS to scale all content to 2:35 anyway)
'Twas the width, good sir!
I read through this entire story, fearing that it would fully realize the dangers that the Large Hadron Collider thankfully ne'er did. It seems technically feasible if you think of unlimited bandwidth as "practically unlimited..." This was a good one. I haven't been fooled in years.
I sat twelve feet away from a ten foot wide screen...if you're about ten feet away, you could get away with maybe nine feet.
Oh man—maxing out is definitely a concern of mine.  Since you maxed out with a theater, I’m a little worried again.  Would you mind sharing (either here or in a private message) what that upgrade from 200amp to 400amp cost you, overall?  I might do what you did, upgrade the service, and then still go ahead and run the dedicated 100amp sub-panel to the theater.  Thank you very much for your input.
Saddlesore,   That is one absolutely marvelous system you've got going there! WOW--just looking at them is inspirational.  The veneer blends well into your room as well.
Thankfully, they have traction in the market.  their last earnings report had their revenue at half-a-billion dollars!  They cater to everyone!  Enthusiasts can use their Connect modules while casual listeners can use their Play and Soundbar products.  So rarely does an audio-only company do both categories so well!
That is absolutely excellent.  Thanks a bunch! Using that as a starting point, I started delving a little deeper to find products that can show how many amperes are being used at any given time, and I was able to find a couple that can be monitored via iPad just like the ones you linked to!  This will be essential, since the potential *max* totals are a larger than what’s provided by the panels.  I’m going to put that Sub-Panel right next to the equipment rack for short,...
Thanks guys.....so it looks like this is definitely the way to go. Ill go ahead and have an electrician run the requisite cable for the 100amp panel and I'll make sure it's installed just outside the theater! Is there a way to monitor a standard panel electronically (put a digital device somewhere between the main panel and the theater panel, perhaps)?
Thanks Tim, your description was pretty clear--I just had to read it a few times since i"m not very well versed in the electrical side of things (I can run romex and replace outlets/light switches--but after that, my knowledge tends to roll off into oblivion). The existing panels are about 6 inches apart, if I remember correctly.  One question, though: what's "homerunning?" I checked out an Equitech panel.....man, I felt the dollars leaving my wallet as soon as I saw the...
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