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Yup, definitely had time to check out the picture....I have some screen footage in the complete, non-YouTube unboxing video hereI'm coming from the JVC RS-56, and while the JVC's contrast is a bit better, the Sony 600ES's overall picture quality is better, in my opinion. It's a great example of when a product become more than the sum of its parts
Ever since my monster HTPC died, i stuffed four hard-drives into the "everyday computer" with scavenged SATA cables (shocked the MoBo had enough SATA ports).  I generally have it setup so only the pre/pro does volume control.  I can't wait to build the next monster machine and get back to normalcy with a dedicated PC.
Lol, not anymore...for two bucks, you can upgrade your rip to Kaleidescape's store format, and no more disc needed!Edit: Even if I could order one, its 200 blu ray limit per unit makes it a horrible value for blu ray collectors like me. They can keep that! Heh heh
A very interesting thing happened earlier this week. I was hanging out at a fellow AVS-ers theater, helping him with his projector. I had brought my HTPC over, and the audio from the computer was SIGNIFICANTLY lower than the volume of his system with just his Oppo. It was very surprising just how much lower. We played the Underworld Awakening scene and were like...huh? We put the disc into his Oppo, and everything sounded the proper volume again. I had already maxed...
This happened to me.....I had to exit my browser and restart it. It sounds like yours might be a bit more complex. I'll tell you this though...try putting four in the cart, and go through the entire process with the code. Select the $10.00 shipping option with the additional glasses in the cart (the system is weird)....this advice was given to me a few pages back, and it worked to get the order straight through.
I've tried bookshelves in the past, but they just don't do it for me when pushed really loudly (which I tend to do often for ballads). Plus, I just love the look of towers in a room. I. Think my look/performance ratio is 85/15. I'd rather have a speaker that looks like a Porsche and performs like a Ferrari, than a speaker that performs like a Bugatti but looks like a Ford Model T! (I hope that analogy made sense...I'm here at Graces Fortune in Md, devouring some General...
Front of room, pre-demo   Rear of room (door will go on other side of wall)
Got 7 pairs of 3D glasses for the Sony VPL-VW600ES projector. One for each planned seat. Nobody should be left out on movie nights!
Mine had the Orange light flashing...and then it shut off. I turned it on again, and the update was complete when I checked the in the menu.
Great points prepress; overall, it's the Plats without a shadow of a doubt!
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