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My dealer has one of these models at a good price http://cgi.videogon.com/cgi-bin/cl.pl?projdlpa&1377835733&&&/Mitsubishi-Hc8000-3d-Dealer-De
If looking for a great deal on the Mitsubishi HC7900DW PM me.
I'd probably go for the Sony as well. The Infocus throws a gorgeous image! The Iris is the weak point. If it had the Iris of the Sony . I'd choose it over the Sony all day long.
Very true.. you are a projector-holic.Of the four brands I've owned, it has been the most reliable so far. Agreed, great incentive for the next owner having the extra warranty though.
If you have the luck I've had with my little Benq. You'll never get the chance to use the warranty. I've owned mine 3 years, still using the original lamp.
Yeah the Caucasians in the photo look like they all have spray on tans! lol
The sharp photo looks over saturated here. Not sure what others are seeing.
I agree, It would be nice if someone reviewed it and did the measurements. Being this is such a small market. It would be difficult for me to believe this wasn't the same unit. The only print that I could find different, is the 150,000:1 contrast compared to 140,000:1 spec. That looks more like a stroke of the keyboard than a real change. There are only some many internal components that can fit this chassis. It wouldn't make sense to completely re-engineer a product with...
Look closely at the brochure, you'll notice the HC5 brochure has the HC9000 print left in certain places. http://www.mitsubishielectric.com.au/assets/vis/HC5_brochure.pdfI've read only 5000 of the HC5's will be made, it is a limited production. The member I communicated with did say the HC5 looks identical to the HC9000. Everything points to this being the same projector with some updates.If that's the case, for what the HC5 cost they are a steal! Less than two years ago...
I've been communicating with a member who has owned the hw50, JVC rs45 and just got his HC 5. Hopefully he will comment on your question.
New Posts  All Forums: