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Bumping again...please let me know if there's a reason you can't reply. Surprised no one has chimed in yet. Thanks.
Just wanted to bump this up for any responses and input you might have. Thanks!
Hello, all. I am in the market for an AV receiver and a set of front speakers to serve as the starting point for what eventually will be a 7.2 home theater setup. Before you read any further, keep in mind that the oddly-shaped room I am describing below is NOT the room where I'll eventually have a surround setup. It is, however, the room where I'm starting out, and that's what I need help on at this stage. Before I describe the room, here's a basic run-down of what we...
Just to update, I upgraded from a VGA cable to a DVI-D cable with my GeForce 9600GT and 22" widescreen monitor. The upgrade gives me much better quality video (moving picture) display! Just thought I'd post results for those interested.
Thanks, Sotti! Your post is much better than others I found on rival sites to AVS Forum, which tended to be vague and written by people with no direct knowledge of what they were saying! I'll pick up a "real" DVI cable this week and report back with my impressions.
Hello, I have a couple of general questions about the video display quality on my computer's LCD. Currently I am using a 22" Acer WL2216 flat panel display, which is connected to my video card, an NVIDIA 9600GT. They are connected by a standard VGA cable, but both my video card and my LCD have DVI-D connectors. Here are my general questions: 1. If I switched from using the VGA connectors to using the DVI-D connectors on both ends of my setup, would my video quality...
Yes, but the thing is there are thousands of posts out there saying that I can get 1366x768, but I don't know enough about EDID to understand the process. I am aware that Powerstrip will allow me to set a custom resolution for my screen, which will then be visible for Windows Media Center etc.
I'm sorry for the delayed response. The 1366x768 resolution is not available in Windows Media Center. The only things close are 1360x768 and 720p
Hi Walford, thanks for your response! My screen only runs at 30Hz in 1920x1080 (very fuzzy image). I have no option for 1366x768 anywhere anymore (neither in NVIDIA Control Panel nor in Vista's Display Settings, so I can't attempt to run 1920x1080 under NVIDIA and 1366x768 under Vista's Display Settings. My 1366x768 resolution literally magically disappeared from the list of available resolutions after I simply logged out of my main Windows account and back into it a...
Can anyone point me in the right direction here? I don't know what I should do about correcting my EDID (which appears to be misunderstood by my GPU or miscommunicated by my TV), creating a custom resolution in Powerstrip, or what the timings of any custom resolution would need to be in Powerstrip.
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