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Did you read my rating above your post? I mentioned it..along with other anomalies.Gae
Mixed feelings for me....... Journey 2 3D Movie rating Gae
I agree about the passive 3D glasses. I walk around the house and forget I have them on. When I watch any movie, I mean "really" watch it, I switch everything else off and settle down "alla le Cinema" to just watch the movie either on my projector or LCD screen. That is how movies are meant to be watched. The only time I multi-task e.g. surf the net and watch a movie is when I'm not really bothered about a film on TV but just want to see what its like for a possible future...
Ironically you still get ghosting even with the correct glasses only its grey instead of purple. It's still a huge improvement though and there is definitely less ghosting with the correct glasses. I guess 3D with glasses will never be totally perfect. Gae
OzHDHT, yes. With big blockbuster films, because you're senses are being bombarded with so much information, the 3D just becomes another element and just in the sidelines really. I really would like to see 3D used more in conventional films. I think it works well in slow paced dramas because we have more time to settle into each scene, enjoy feeling immersed in the world and the 3D brings us closer to the emotional core of the drama. I remember a scene in "My Bloody...
Yep...that's my problem with the IMAX discs. However good they might be, I cant justify paying £10-£15 ($20) for just 40 mins of decent 3D. Unless its a full length movie, I'd prefer to save my cash and just watch some YT3D clips instead. Gae
Here's what I think about it....Transformers Dark of the MoonGae
Agreed...even if the conversions are improving and looking better, I still can't watch them simply knowing that they are a conversion because in the back of my mind I know that a converted scene will NEVER completely replace a natively shot scene. You cannot replicate every single pixel, every single correct angle or reflection of every single object....it is purely guesswork and an artist's interpretation. Just shoot the film in native already and use a professional...
Can anyone clear up if Spy Kids 4 is a conversion, native 3D or hybrid? I've read its a conversion but Spy Kids 3 was native and has some of the best 3D scenes around. The cinema scenes in the Spy Kids 4 trailer look like native 3D to me but I'm not convinced by the rest of what I saw. I'm tempted to get the movie as its pretty cheap here in the UK. Gae
Remember that Immortals is a conversion. What you are viewing is fake 3D. In a side by side comparison, properly shot native 3D would blow any conversion out of the water. Sorry to go on and on about these conversions, but I really do think they are killing the appeal of 3D and I want 3D to continue and improve with properly shot native 3D films. Gae
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