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I can only speak from my experience but I find the 62 way better than the 23. I still own a 320, 23, and 51 (had an 05) and the 62 is the best by far. Pio really dropped the ball on those prior units by eliminating SACD and DVD-A, horrendous waste of great DAC's. Good to see it back along with very quick operation. Very satisfied with the upgrade. I have been using a DV-58AV to compliment the old BDP's. Nice to have an all-in-one for sure!
I've been tinkering more and it looks like what is happening is that with DVD-Audio, the Main HDMI port sends a 1080P signal just fine, but the Sub HDMI sends the signal 480P/60 and it can't be forced to another resolution, no matter what setting is used. The Main can be changed to whatever you want but the Sub is locked at 480.I can watch the settings change in real time with iControlAV2012.It doesn't affect 96kHz Bluray, just DVD-A
Expanding on my earlier post concerning 96kHz playback over the sub HDMI port when using both HDMI ports and the "separate" or "pure audio" setting. Main HDMI to TV Sub HDMI to AVR 96 kHz multichannel DVD-Audio is not possible, only 48kHz max when using either the Auto setting or 1080P. Strangely, when setting the resolution to 1080i, 96kHz is possible.........????? Bluray audio DTS-Master @ 96kHz however, is possible without the need to set to 1080i. I talked with a...
OK, I tried the dual HDMI outs. Main to TV Sub to Pioneer SC-1522 Playing DVD-A, I can only get 48kHz (not 96kHz) to the amp from the player, when the player is set to either bitstream or PCM. Is this a limitation of this setup? When I just run the main to the AVR I get 96kHz EDIT: I just figured the problem out. Auto or 1080P setting in the player results in audio being sent at 48kHz on the sub out. If I change the setting to 1080i I get 96kHz.........bandwidth, bug????
well, I am not taking a chance with the potential bad channel (front wide left) in the 1522. Even though the issue hasn't reappeared, I didn't want to miss the chance of these going back up in price. I went and picked a new unit up at Costco and the first one is going back as defective. I am really impressed with the audio output of this AVR.
Well, I finally get the audio tweaked to where I want it to be and had a 2 hour session playing multichannel SACD from my Pioneer DV-58AV........beautiful sounding amp......very happy. This is my Speaker A setup (5.1........I use the 7.1+B for setup) So, I switch over to Speaker B and start streaming stereo FLAC from my NAS to the amp through my Klipsch WF-35 speakers. All is going very well and after about 10 minutes I detect a hint of static in the left speaker (front...
My personal experience with Emotiva has been great. Very good service too. I have an Ultra Sub 12, UPA-2, and XDA-1...........all are quality pieces of gear that didn't break the bank.
With some stereo material I enjoy using the "Dolby Pro Logic II music" setting. With Pandora, I am especially liking it on the 1522. In general, I don't care much for simulated sound fields, but on the 1522 it's implemented very well, one of the best I've ever heard on an AVR.
yeah, I'll take a closer look tomorrow, thanks...........
well, I caved and bought one tonite...........I listen to multichannel SACD quite a bit. My older Pio Elite VSX-01TXH sounded great but I got the Denon 3312 for a good price and liked the features and GUI quite a bit better. However, the sound, while very good, was quite a bit different than what I was used to hearing. What I am hoping for is to return to the sound signature I loved, plus the fact that tweaking MCACC after calibration is a huge plus. So I'll be giving it a...
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