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my yamaha rx-v671 DID upscale to 1080i from 720p thru hdmi even though the manual said it wouldn't, apple tv 2 looks pretty good
I have a mitsubishi 65315 hd RPTV form 2005 in excellent working order (so i am not buying anything new), but it only displays 480p and 1080i. I just got a apple tv 2 cheap and i know it has 720p output. Is there any knid of inexpensive switch/box that would upconvert the signal to 1080i (according to my owners manual my yamaha rx-v671 reciever will not do it) and when i hooked up my sons ps3 any game that was native at 720p downscaled to 480p. I'm trying to avoid this...
the issues are not with the LG (Lg reports truehd as its playing) but with the toshiba hddvd, tried a coupkle things today, when hdmi cable is used between player and 671 PCM shows as decoder (with auto setting on decoder) when toslink is used between player and 671, dolby digital is displayed as decoder (with bitstream selected on player). on a side note i can run thru the audio options on a disc as they are playing without going to the disc menu using my harmony one and...
do not see ANY settings for secondary audio mix the options under sound/hdmi are 1/auto 2/pcm 3/downmixed pcm
PCM not Dolby TrueHD when i play blurays on my lg bd370 thru hdmi the 671 shows truehd as the decoder but when i play hd dvds on my toshiba hd-a3 the decoder on the 671 reads PCM, i have checked that the decoder mode on both inputs for the 671 are set to auto, the only difference i see is the audio menu on the players, the bluray is set to primary pass thru and the hddvd is set to auto (only other option was PCM)
Download serviio to stream music to the 671, it is free and works
can anyone suggest a 32" tv with cablecard access, i have cabklevision as a provider and as of last week am now required to have a set top box on every tv in the house (which is 6, at $9 a month each), looking to upgrade 3 old 24" RCA crts, Would the cablecards bring in hd signal?
Av controller app issue resolved (by yamahas Facebook help), the MAC filtering must be turned off. On another note I have a ? About audio out jacks, if I connect an older NAD amp to the audio out jacks on the 671, can I then use this as zone 2 and have the Yamaha remote control the volume (I would like to then hook an adcom speaker selector switch to the NAD and have two sets of zone 2 speakers, which I could turn on and off as needed)
home network also sees the 671, can't get app to respond even though it sees the 671
installed the controller app on my son's touch, it too sees the 671, but when i tap the 671 nothing happens
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