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I'm not sure I follow the "replace remote" discussion. The H1 doesn't use myharmony.com, so I don't see how replace remote could possibly work even if such an option existed. The H1 uses the old 7.7 stand-alone software or members.harmonyremote.com, both of which have a replace option. The H1-Plus uses myharmony.com. Which model do you have exactly? sorry for my ignorance, I did not realize there was an H1 and H1+, I must have an H1+ as i am using myharmony.com to set...
can you tell me exactly where the upgrade/replace option appears (possibly with a screen shot), how can i program a hard slide button on the H1, as on the yamaha reciever remote there is a slide button...main/zone 2 when in zone 2 controls those functions
Try downloading free media software called serviio, I have a win7 pc that the 671 found on the network but I kept getting access denied even though all my data was shared, serviio was very easy to set up (sharing 900 title cd collection ripped into iTunes), BTW my new Panasonic plasma also finds my serviio pc and all my iTunes data (Panasonic 50s30)
yup no digital direct connections sent to zone 2 (hdmi or optical) but songs on pc or pandora are fine
I'm on my 650 server based page and there is NO button or option to upgrade or replace remote
Then at this point it is simply a case or wording, the the manual should state no hdmi sources in zone 2, as I am typing this I am listening to iTunes collection on win7 pc running serviio media center ( as recommended by someone on this forum, thank you) in zone 2 while my wife is listening to a U2 cd in zone 1
Will try iTunes from pc in zone 2 soon
How do they consider pandora analog
Not true, I am listening to pandora Internet radio on zone 2 as my son has his xbox360 playing in zone 1 as I am typing this, remote can control volume for each separately, pandora is accessed from ethernet cable and
Zone 2 only analog?????????, I have been listening to pandora on zone 2 since getting the 671 two weeks ago
New Posts  All Forums: