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So I have a subwoofer hum when i pause a bluray, or i turn off my amplifier etc. I unplugged everything from my surge/powerbar and the hum still occurred. I tried different outlets etc same hum. I then took the sub into a totally different room, plugged the sub into the wall outlet, turned it on.. then when i plugged in my subwoofer cable into the sub and left the other end unplugged/free, i got the hum. Also, if i press my thumb against the male end of the opposite side...
I have the latest firmware (1.73) on my 05FD yet when i put the Bluray Downton Abbey Season 1, i get a static/crackling sound! All my other Blurays (even new ones like Dark Knight Rises) work perfectly - anyone have any ideas??? Thanks!
this is driving me nuts. i checked my 05FD and i am at 1.73. all my other Blurays work, yet everytime i put Downton Abbey in, i get a static/crackling sound - ughhhhhhh
well, my mom bought a bluray 'downton abbey season 1' and when she plays it there is a crackling noise the entire time.all other BR's work in the BR player and this downton abbey BR works in my friends brand new BR player.so i'm not sure what the issue is sound wise. i d/l'ed and installed 1.73 last night and the crackling sound still occurs.
is the latest firmware for the 05fd 1.73? if not, what is and where can i d/l it? thanks!
I want to sell my Pioneer Elite BDP05FD Bluray player but have no idea what to list it at? I have the origional box/recipet (i paid $800 plus tax in jan 2009) and it is in mint/perfect condition. What is it worth and what should i list it locally on craigslist for? Thanks!!
how do i do that? this morning, i turned the tv/cable box on and the picture worked.. it stayed for a good 2 hours, then all of a sudden went black. i turned everything off, unplugged cables power etc, started back up, black.. about an hour agao i tried it again and it worked for about 5 seconds, then went black. the sony guy i talked to on the phone said maybe it is my video board?
As the title sayd, all of a sudden my older sony lost its picture. All cables are connected and have been tested. When i have it set to my cable box, i get sound of the different channel, but the screen is black with the green "video 1". When i change to 'video 4' for my DVD player, i get sound but this time an all green screen. Sony wants to charge me 85$ to come look at it, and about $200 to figure out the problem.. before i do that, any thoughts???...
quick question.. which picture mode do most of you use? or is there a (for the most part) agreed upon custom set up, if so which is it? thanks a lot!
I can't find the elite 05 on the pipneer websote inorder to update the firmware.. it just has the 09.. can someone tell me the latest firmware update # for the 05? also, as much as i love the 05, i find the boot/load times -really- slow.. is there any update that speeds things up? thanks guys!
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