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tgeorge, order a mic from Cross Spectrum Labs. They include calibration files for each specific mic.
That is usually handled by your AVR.
The MiniDSp 2x4 can take in 2 separate signals and output four. There is EQ capability on each of the two inputs and on the 4 outputs as I understand it.
Also remember that sealed need to have EQ added and can take (demand) significantly more power, but they do have the air cushion protecting them. The graphs of ported vs. sealed don't take EQ into consideration.
Flynnr, I used Hillman Pocket screws (#42170) on my build, they worked great. Black Phosphate in color. I bought long ones since 4 of the speaker screw holes lined up with my front to back braces. http://www.lowes.com/pd_7351-37672-42170_0__?Ntt=hillman+42170&UserSearch=hillman+42170&productId=3306554&rpp=32
The 3000DSP should be fine with the SI HT18 D2s at 4 ohms in a ported box. If it was sealed it could take more power.
Donny, thanks so much for all the work and insight. Go get some rest. Hope you feel better.
+1, looks nice to me. I bet it sounds even better.
That looks real similar to the bracing in my dual sealed subs. Solid is the word I would use. For the front to back bracing I used one long piece for each and notched them into the side bracing. A side benefit is 4 of the driver mounting screws hit the front to back bracing.
Time for a new TV.
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