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I finally have my Carnival 2's all set up. Gonna spend the week listening to them...
I'll have a pair delivered this week from Accessories4Less. I'll compare them to my P142's and RC-10's.
I think I might order these Carnival's and do a shootout with the P142's and RC-10's. These all seem like good budget bookshelves and hopefully the comparison might help some people out there. I'm still really tempted by the S30 as well but the Carnival has that extra $30 worth of "style." In particular, I think the RC-10 vs. Carnival 2 would be interesting as they share the same 5.5" woofer size while the Energy has a aluminum tweeter vs. the Carnival's soft dome. Right...
I totally agree. The Polk's did not last very long. I bought them from newegg on sale and I immediately liked my old Infinity's better. In fact, I just recently sold them. I had no idea that the Carnival was so similar to the S30! The S30 is in my radar too but the form factor worried me a bit. Thanks for the heads up. This will really help my decision.I like the idea of sealed SuperZero's, but I worry about a high subwoofer crossover. The bigger driver in the Carnival 2...
These are $249/pr shipped from Accessories4Less. Has anyone heard these? How do they compare to Energy RC-10's, Infinity P142's, or Polk M30's? (All that I've heard.) I like that they are slim and front ported. I think they would fit perfect on my TV stand. I have an Emotiva Ultra12 to go with them in the living room (small 1 bedroom apartment.) For the price, I am very tempted to try them out and then sell the pair I like least. I currently own the RC-10's and the...
I've had both. The Infinity Primus series sound much better than the Polk Monitors. However, the Polks look nicer.
Front ported.
You got it backwards. But actually optical can deliver multichannel info (5/7.1) but not at lossless quality. For the lossless codecs (or PCM) you will need HDMI for more than 2 channels. In other words, optical: stereo lossless, analog stereo, or dolby digital/DTS; and HDMI: everything. And by optical i also mean coax as well.
This is good to know...scratch that off the list.
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