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Well, not necessarily do not, but may not; and for the ones that don't (depending on which machine you put them in), then you meant that they don't work as well as the original burner... "did..." (or should have) "...when it was new."Oh, but by the way, all are replaceable regardless of if they're proprietary or not. But the proprietary ones are just harder to replace because you can't as easily find the replacement drives of that type.Mike--
I did stick to the topic, AVS Don: someone was talking about a supposed "USB bus," and I just made the point that there's only the USB, not a "universal serial bus bus."
Nope, jprc. It wasn't meant to put someone down. Even though you don't have enough of a clue to be able to realize it, it actually did make a real point. And why do you give a crap, anyway? Are you the one I responded to originally? Uh, NO.
OH, okay. Well, since that was obviously a lot newer than the early '80s, what kicked off the rule?
LOL, I've never been to the CES, and I don't remember that, but haha, it almost sounds like you could just be messing with me. :-P
LOL, when would an exhibitor have wanted to include an animal? Plpppthh....
I already have permission to use it, because I was already able to use it in another forum here. But it's good that this board isn't for spamming topics, because I wouldn't want to see people create spamming topics, and I would never do that either.
Or maybe it just lets you reply.
Where's the "Start a New Thread" button in Latest Industry News, and why can't I see it here like I can in some other forums?
A while ago (so yeah, I wish I had seen this cler back then), Michael TLV said (http://www.avsforum.com/t/483057/who-can-attend-ces): "Anyone can go but you can't bring small children. Mind you, lot of people just make up phony company names and register like that. I've seen some doozies...." Okay, Michael, so then actually not anyone can go. Young children can't go. Happy New Year, though! Mike
New Posts  All Forums: