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Nice. Not dishing out $500 though.
I need a remote though...
how about 9" depth? Now thats a real challenge..
Im resurrecting this thread becuase I, too, am looking for a smallish receiver. Shelving is only 9 inches deep. I think i found a small AVR that had Audessey, but it was like $800. Looking for more in the ~$300 if possible. I see pretty much all the major brands have their own mini versions, but thought maybe i might have missed one that folks would know about. Thanks in advance.
You should see the pic that have up...they are tiny pink plastic Sony speakers.
Ill just say it: there is no benefit to buying a 4K set now when a) they are still more expensive than 1080 sets and b) there is no content to justify the price. Like others have said, wait a year and see where we are at with 4K in price and content, as well as full HDMI 2,0 compliance. Otherwise, slap down ~$1000 for a good 1080 set now.
Assuming either have an IR blaster. Not all do.
Move to storage for the next ~8 years or so...then when you bring it out again, itll be like Xmas in the making for the last 8 years.
I dont know if anyone is still looking for these, but radio shack has them available online. Its the only place i could find them besides their own website.
I keep telling people that it only takes a bit of power to get sound from a speaker. Do people really think that when you play music that an amp, say 200 watt stereo, is pumping 100 watts into each channel? It takes exactly 1 watt to get sound from a speaker. 1. Even paying at 80 db's, you are only pumping a fraction of wattage into a speaker.
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