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I know you do a lot of traveling with work. If you are in the Chicago area, I'm right outside of Chicago, you should send me a pm. I would not mind showing you the 49 and 600 in my all black velvet room.
I let a member borrow my 600 for a week to compare to his 1000. He said they were basically the same projector, but I got a better sample. My 600 was sharper and the DI was a lot better. His of course was brighter, but he didn't have a problem on his 11ft wide HP screen. He really like the DI, maybe they took a short cut to get the price down or maybe he just needs to send his in to get something done with his. But he could not see it working on content, and I never...
I think you should go for the X500/49/4910. Excellent value. Plus, coming from a JVC, you would appreciate the new DI to add significant contrast over previous models. I watched Oblivion, again:eek: , and I was just amazed at how good that movie looks. JVC did a really good job with the 49. They probably should have only put the DI in the 57 and 67. Oh well, thats better for people who are looking to spend $4000 or less on a projector and get mind blowing quality.
I have the DPI M-Vision Cine LED 600. The blacks are not as good. It just has a different look than the JVC and I'm glad I have both. When 4K becomes more affordable, I would definitely have a LCOS and a DLP. That's if I can afford it of course, I'm hoping in 3-4 years, prices will come down significantly
I am so surprised that no one bought it yet. I guess people are waiting for a 4K LED/Laser projector. They are going to be waiting for awhile. The DPI is definitely a great buy
Just watched The Ten Commandments. First disc on the 49 and second disc on the DPI LED. Preferred the DPI. There is still something about a DLP that looks different
I figured you would get one. Hopefully you have the X90 alongside the X500 to compare
I bet the x35 is a good price right now, but the performance of the new JVCs with the DI is worth a look at. We wouldn't have much 4K content for at least two more years or longer, so a 1080p projector should provide great value over a 4K projector. I would try to get a X500/49/4910 if you could but if the price is right, the x35 is also a great projector.
Same exact thing I said about the black levels. With the DI, its worth every penny. Its really a 300,000+ CR projector because of the DI does such a great job. I think its money well spent. Until we have 4K content, I think these projectors will provide excellent quality with all 1080p sources.
Are you going to upgrade? Its looking like a significant upgrade over your current projector.
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