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What was used for amplification when you listened to the B&Ws in the showroom? Did they use graphic equalizers, tone controls or calibration? You may end up with a completely different sound with your gear at home.
Give ABT a call about the Elites. They're authorized but ask if the warranty would be valid. I think it will be. http://www.abt.com/category/43/Audio-Receivers.html
The processor preamp has a higher 2 V rated output with XLR. The 5010 preout is only 1 V. No XLR on the 5010.
I've noticed that when I open pages here at AVS there's an annoying amount of "doubleclick" ads that use up bandwidth after a page is loaded. Also, after you've navigated to a page on the site you can't go back to the previous page. To do so you have to keep clicking the back button. I think the amount of clicks required to go back to the previous page coincides with the amount of ads loaded on the page. Anyone else notice this.
It would probly be nice if you can match the towers with other B&Ws. So something like the HTM61 for center and 686s for surround and ASW608 sub. You should try to break in the receiver for about 50 - 100 hours maximum. Usually receivers sound better after a break in time. But the break in affects the quality more and probably won't help if your problem is that the speakers aren't getting enough power. So you could try the next model up or get the mm7055. Sorry if those...
On a Sony 5700ES my average volume is around -35db to -25db. The sound quality and quantity is good but I think it's weird that the lower part of the volume scale is somewhere in the phantom zone. I don't think you can escape it. Onkyo is the same and awhile ago somebody was complaining about this with their Pioneer.
1 or 2. I was thinking q100s all around plus the sub as an alternative for number 1 but if he listens very loud that receiver might over-drive them in 2 channel mode. Maybe?
Nice setup. HDMI, you can do without. For HD material you should get some good component video cables. I've found that they're definately better than the typical cables found in most stores. Keep us updated on how the rest of the setup sounds.
My plan was to get it through amazon japan but I can't seem to find which of the sellers ship internationally. I know amazon jp doesn't ship electronics so a forwarding service like tenso will be needed.
I'd say that the three speakers which came with the system were easier to drive. The Jamo towers and maybe the center might be taking up more power than before, despite their sensitivity ratings. Some speakers are just harder to drive. Try not using one set of surrounds to see if the center sounds like it's getting more power. Or, get replacements for the three speakers you had. That's what I'd do. I'm sure onkyo has them somewhere in their part system. Part numbers are:...
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