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I'm trying to decide between a new Denon or Onkyo based on amplifier quality. Something that doesn't need signal processing to sound good with stuff like Phase Control or Sound Retriever, etc. Anyone have opinions on the newer Onkyo receivers NR717 to 1010 or Denon AVR-2313CI or 3313? The more expensive onkyos have push-pull but don't know about the denons. Maybe push pull doesn't make a difference anyways. My speakers are KEF IQ70, IQ10 and IQ8ds. Low impedance with some...
I've decided to go with the KEF iQ70 package. I'll probably get them within a week or two. Since these are 8 Ohms speakers I might use an older Kenwood X9050D THX Select receiver I have. It's 110wx5 so it should be enough power. It doesn't have HDMI but I can use HD capable component cables instead and coaxial for audio. The X9050D doesn't specify a cutoff frequency for the sub or sats. Does anyone have an idea what the cutoff might be when the sats are set to small?...
I know how the Take system sounds. They're awsome IMO. The problem many people have with a lot of speakers including these is that there's often not enough power going into the speakers when the receiver is in multi-channel mode. Even if the receiver says 100x5 watts. A receiver with a flat EQ that gives a good amount of power in multi-channel mode will usually sound better than a receiver with less power and EQ settings.
If this isn't too late... Energy also has other speakers like the Take system but are a little bigger. With the bigger ones you can use a lower crossover frequency, like 80Hz. There's also a dipole you could use with them. In fact I'm thinking of these if I get a second system. CB-5 fronts or rears $180 pair CC-5 center $200 CR-10 dipole rears $350 pair ESW-C8 sub $300 You can probably find all of these at a less price. Like Amazon has the sub for only $229.
When I had DefTech BP2006s the sound was very wide but still quite directional like you might hear in a studio, even though they were bipoles. A bit like good direct tower speakers but only with a wider soundstage. So I guess the sound would be close to what the egineer intended. Using surround speakers for those kinds of recordings I think would just go against what the engineer intended. However, one could use surround speakers to try to make the studio music sound like...
Try looking into the Energy Take system.
Some people insist that monopole speakers are better for music because the sound is more direct. If you're at an arena concert where music is being output from the stage, the music is going to sound like it's coming from the direction of the stage. Sure the sound is going to envelope you somewhat, but it's going to be a more dispersed sound, rather than a direct sound. It's going to be more diffuse. I suppose you could mount monopole speakers in such a way where they would...
I wanted to hear a little about them here as well but it looks like they're not that widely used. Nothing on the KEF site either. S&V mag did a review of a Q series system that also included the iQ8ds and they performed well. Link
I found a review for the KEF iQ70 that also has some frequency response measurements. If I read it correctly the iQ70s have a response that's impressively flat. But does that necessarily translate to better more neutral sound? salonav.com
It looks like a nice speaker. The specs show 4 ohms nominal impedance. That would work with the PSBs but might be a problem with the KEFs and B&Ws since they're rated at 8. Another thing I have to consider though is that the sound might not be matched well to the rest of the system. Thanks for the input on Accessories4Less.
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