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I am moving overseas and need a step down transformer for a B&W Panorama soundbar and I am unsure what size transformer I need to get. I know I should probably get a transformer that is 3-4 times the actual wattage used but according to the B&W specs the power consumption is 32W. Would a 500W transformer be enough or do I need to factor in the power output of the soundbar as well which is 175W? Thanks in advance!
WAF = Wife Acceptance Factor I agree having HDMI would be nice and it was something I did want but after trying several soundbars the Panorama was the best fit. The Panorama will be paired with Kuro 500m monitor which does not have any audio outputs so having a soundbar that supports HDMI ARC does not matter. Also since I am moving overseas I needed to make a quick decision and could not wait for a new B&W soundbar to be released. Purchasing abroad would have been a lot...
I went for a soundbar because of space limitations and WAF. If your primary use is for music then I don't think you can find a better sounding soundbar than the Panorama.
I gave up on the Bose soundbar since the it requires a cable to be connected from the tv audio output to the "TV Input" on the soundbar. The 500m does not have audio out so this is not an option. I ended up getting a B&W Panorama at BestBuy for $1200 instead. It may not have the latest codecs but it sounds great and for the price I am happy.
I just picked up a Panorama from BestBuy for $1200. Is this still a good soundbar for the price since a new one is on the horizon? I will be moving overseas before the new bar is released and it will be a lot more expensive there so I probably won't be upgrading anytime in the near future. I plan to use the soundbar mostly for music/tv (80%) and movies (20%). The lack of HDMI and HD decoding does put me off a bit, but I'm not sure if that's reason enough to not keep it. I...
After following up with a fellow AVS member I was able to confirm that the 500m will work at 220v/50hz, but I'm still debating whether or not to keep the 500m. Is the vt50 the most comparable plasma to the Kuro? I will need to make a final decision in the next week.
I'm looking at using the Bose Cinemate 1 SR soundbar system with a Pioneer Kuro 500m display. I'm not sure if this will work since the Bose does not have an HDMI input and the 500m does not have a digital audio output. Is it possible to use this system? Are there any other good soundbars that would work with this display? Thanks in advance.
Good point. That may be the easiest and best solution. Any idea on what a professionally calibrated 500m could sell for?
I'll be moving overseas in a few months and I'm wondering if it's worthwhile to bring my current Kuro 500m or buy something new, such as a Panasonic plasma. The Kuro is no longer covered under warranty and I think I would need a power converter for it to run at 220 volts. I no longer have the original box and I'm concerned about it making such a long journey across country on a truck and then across the Atlantic. The Kuro is a great tv, but I'm not sure if it's worth it to...
Hi Everybody - Looking for a bit of help and advice here. I have a Pioneer Kuro and just a few days ago watching 1080i on DirecTV has become unbearable. There are wavy/flickering lines over the whole picture. This only started recently and I didn't make any configuration changes or attach any new equipment. When I switch to 720p then the picture looks fine. I don't know if this is an issue with DirecTV or the tv. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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