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Here's my review on the Runco SP-50DHD 50" Plasma HDTV with DHD HD Scaler: http://www.avsforum.com/products/runco-sp-50dhd-50-plasma-hdtv-with-dhd-hd-scaler-rocks/reviews/4343
I had to send my unit back to Anthem to be serviced for an issue with the HDMI video out plug, which they replaced, as well as the AUX power supply. Now the unit is working correctly, though I lost my settings and for some reason it seems I have less choices when setting up each audio input, like there's no one that's DTS-ES only.
Bob thanks! It seems strange after not using any HDMI sources into the d2 for about three weeks, since I was exclusively watching the Tour de France that the HDMI video portion of the D2 would just fail?
I checked out all the HDMI cables and they are good. I did the OSD suggesion with the non-hooked up component and got no OSD signal, so it's the Anthem D2 which has the problem. I tried doing the 1.33 re-install and am unable to do the re-install. I keep on getting the same error message: Cannot connect to OK! Boot Loader Whatever that means? Frustrating!!!
Hi All! About three weeks ago I lost my video signal going out of my HDMI outputs from my Anthem Statement D2. I can get the audio, but no video. I can still get both audio & video from the component video outs and by using the coaxial from my cable box to the D2. I checked the cables etc. and direct from source to the HDTV I get the video, so the problem has got to be the D2. I was told by Andrew Cirurgiao from Anthem to try to re-install the D2 software, but...
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