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Thanks for the reply Mark. Both units have static addresses that are registered with the DHCP server. This insures that when they ask for a DHCP address (which they still do on occasion. I guess that's the DHCP bug.) they get their reserved static address. That's all good. I'm not using WiRNS, so those requirements are not an issue. I still lose connectivity on both units, though much less frequently than before I set up the static addresses and DHCP reservations....
Greetings - I have 2 Replay 5xxx units networked together. Both have static IPs and reservations on the DHCP server for those addresses. Replay B can always access the Replay Guide on Replay A, but occasionally, Replay A loses access to Replay B and its Replay Guide. According to the monitoring software the sysadmin is running, unit A - while maintaining its static address - requests a DHCP address from the DHCP server at the times I notice the problem. It gets its...
Mikey - When you say "(xxx) hour drive", I assume you're talking about Standard quality. Could you provide the actual drive sizes as well? Thanks!
The drive I picked up from Tim on eBay works as advertised. Had some trouble getting everything to function initially, but we determined it's something to do with my home theater setup and not the drive itself. When I put it in the bedroom system - just a ReplayTV and a TV set - it worked flawlessly. Happy camper.
Just looked at the Hitachi on Server Supply. They list the price as $100, with free ground shipping. Found New 320GB drives from Replay units for $109 + s/h though. Can't post URL because of forum rules, but you should be able to find them searching for: OEM - Replay TV 320gb disk for ReplayTV or Showstopper Includes Replay software installed. There are three left after the one I just purchased. I'll let you all know how it works out.
Great forum, thread and info. Wish I'd found it before I bought the unusable 500 GB WD drive that now sits on my desk. Suggestion: Could we make a first post sticky, with all the winners and losers listed and updated? That would make it easier to see and maintain a summary of which drives to consider and which to avoid. Currently shopping for anything larger than my 40/80GB drives in my 5040/5060 Replays. NewEgg has a Maxtor MaXLine II HDD-5A320J0-NDW-R 320GB on sale for...
New Posts  All Forums: