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I consider this to be the best audio deal Future Shop has ever done. It kills me inside to not purchase these with my credit card but I'm overjoyed for anyone that is lucky enough to grab a pair...or two.
There's plenty of people on Ebay selling individual RC-Micro's or two packs I was shocked at how many there were when I last checked a few weeks ago. That's what I did for a 7.1 RC Micro bedroom setup. I wouldn't use V-Mini's with the micros they are just too different it'll stick out.
I would get this onehttp://www.amazon.com/Sanus-Systems-NFC18B-Natural-Foundations/dp/B001I70XZ6/ref=sr_1_29?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1356632104&sr=1-29Here's what mine looks like with the LCR on it, I got the Cherry color but it comes in black obviously.
When I went last year to Future Shop I sat in the Audio lineup for over an hour and not one person touched the RC-70's which were $999/pair. Everyone went for the Polk speakers and when I went to a second FS they still had RC-70's in stock so I doubt there will be any rush this year. If people want them they should be able to get them.
Hmm 40 available nationwide thats disappointing. I'm SOL on getting another pair of V5.1s in Rosenut for Front Wides I might just have to give in and get these Minis as Wides.
Its in the nightly builds or you can google XBMC-RC2 HDAudio which seems to be released shortly after the stable build either method will give you lossless options.
Due to v51's drying up in Canada I may end up doing just this configuration. In Canada there's few deals on Veritas models with the exception of Future shop which often puts the v52 rosenut center on sale for $499. I"ll probably grab a couple next time and use my V51s as front wides flanking the 3 matching V52's.
I suppose, my thinking is that It's a lot cheaper to add a 2nd sub or upgrade the sub later on than to upgrade the receiver at a later date.
I believe the BiC F12 is a highly rated budget sub on AVS, it's $197http://www.amazon.com/BIC-America-F12-475-Watt-Subwoofer/dp/B0015A8Y5MSomeone else might chime in, could be a different model that everyone is always posting about but I think that's correct.
Get an Onkyo 818 and spend the rest on a sub. With such a nice veritas setup you really want Audyssey Xt32 doing room correction.
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