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I looked at the DTS website in relation to the NEO:X but I couldn't find anything about the rear height speakers. It looks to me if the person who did up the drawings made a mistake. Maybe the rear heights was just a picture typo.
You may not need more than one itach. The itack has 3 outputs. These ir outputs can have either single emitters, dual emitters or an ir blaster (a blaster is just an ir emittier but with a big signal that sprays ir out all over the place, ie you place an ir blaster in front of your av rack which has 8 components and then all 8 of these devices can be controlled with just the one ir output of the itach. For that to work all your devices need to have line of sight to the ir...
I am not at my HT at the moment, but I thought the direct and pure direct modes allowed you to play a stereo source in stereo mode. Same as if you have a 5.1 source "in" you can have the direct mode "out" and only 5.1 will play. Also, if you need to turn off the rear speakers then the setting may still be available but you may have to use a 3rd party iphone/andriod app such as roomieremote or irule that gives you all the commands available. You could check this buy using...
Thankyou for the reply. I have this setting already on. I was hoping there would be an answer but it doesn't look like there is one.
I want to use the zone4 HDMI to my bedroom. All works fine, however when I shut down the main zone and keep the zone4 on, the power draw is still about 120w. When I shut down the main zone and zone 4 the power draw is about 10w, however there is no hdmi passthrough on the zone4 hdmi when I do this. There is hdmi passthrough on the main two HDMI outputs when the unit is on standby. Does anyone know of a way to get zone4hdmi to passthrough while the unit is in standby? The...
In relation to the itunes account on different devices. I do this now. Go into your wifes iphone and change the itunes account setting to blank (or I think the option is ask for account details). Then go to the app store and purchase the roomie app but use your itunes details. The catch with this is that everytime roomie wants to update your wife will need to put your itunes account info in the iphone.
Email roomie directly with the request. I have done this previously and they have always come through for me. There are options for you to add your own codes into your roomie setup. This info is available on the roomie website as well. I would email roomie first though, as they add it for you straight away, if not, you then just have to find the codes and add them to the file and you will be all set (yes the process is a little more involved than that)
I'm happy to agree to disagree on the Onkyo change. I don't think a forum is the place for point scoring and/or flame wars.
Chris wasn't wrong that the 1010 & 3010 did not have Subeq HT at the time. At the time the information he had stated that those products didn't have that feature. Since that time, I presume, Onkyo has either changed it's mind and put the feature in or clarified it's position and put the feature in. Blame Onkyo for not confirming or dening it officially. Chris didn't have to say he wasn't sure as he was sure as Onkyo gave him this info. In addition, those people that bought...
I'm stoked that Onkyo will include it. on the 1010 and up. It looks more to me that Onkyo weren't going to include but have since changed their mind. Maybe their marketing was getting messed up with the engineers. The whole Onkyo/Integra seems a mess to me, especially with the fiasco of the 50.4. And yes, I would believe an AVR manufacturer would do anything in relation to features and cost, it's in their nature. Why let the truth come between a good story and a sale.
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