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Thanks. I'll go back to BB again with my friend and check them out.
http://www.bestbuy.com/site/32-class-31-1-2-diag--led-1080p-60hz-hdtv/4833556.p?id=1218538976873&skuId=4833556&st=Samsung%20HDTV&cp=1&lp=3#tab=overviewSpecifications tab....Composite Inputs 0
I just checked and you're right. Looks like it's just a Samsung thing. Very odd.Thanks! It's a relief that they didn't do away with that port. Some of us still use it.
Brand? Model #?
Oh darn! Wrong category. Moderators, please move this thread to the "LCD Flat Panel Displays" category. I am so sorry.
My friend's old tube TV broke and needs to get a new TV. The problem is, he still has an old VCR and a Super Nintendo that he uses once in a while and wants to hook up to the new TV. These only can be hooked up via Composite since these are ancient electronics. Are there any HDTVs today that still have Composite ports? I checked a few Samsung HDTVs at Best Buy and didn't see any that have them. Apparently, they seem to be doing away with them. If not, is there a special...
I wish other people can keep that in mind. I buy a $100 complete series box set on BD and all my friends and relatives look at me like I'm throwing my money away, yet they can spend $200+ eating out at a fancy restaurant and suddenly, it's no problem.Maybe I can try this one more time and if people are going to continue arguing, then I'll give up again..... BDs are not expensive per se. They are expensive in a way that prices seem to be rising. When VHS and DVDs came out,...
No. I don't feed trolls. Sorry. I already said what I had to say, so if he still wants to argue, I won't bite. I'll just agree to disagree.
Really? Was it necessary to bump this thread?? !!! It's attracting too many trolls. It's best to let it die.
So I have to buy IM3 at $23 because if I don't, I'm "complaining"??? Ok then...
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