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FWIW, accessing HDTV Technical (or any other forums I subscribe to) using Tapatalk (iOS) there are no Stickies to be seen.
FWIW, turns out that the Safari > Preferences > Security > Advanced > Enable Plug-ins box was unchecked on both the Mini & the MBP. All is well now.
________________________Guess that's a general rule I'll have to adopt; mine had been that Apple knows best.
And the Replays are on the same circuit as the router?
Not a powerline user, but I know that house wiring consists of two separate 120V lines coming through the electric meter, so it is possible that the installation of a smart meter could affect performance; the powerline gear manufacturer should know. Meanwhile, it might be interesting to see if the system would work properly if everything was plugged into the same outlet (or at least outlets controlled by the same breaker) to be sure all were on the same side of the AC line.
FWIW, Safari on my Vista PC is also unable to play a CBS show; just gives the same "you need to download Flash" message, even though Flash is up to date (as is Safari). So now it looks more like a Safari problem, as IE and Firefox don't have it. Thoughts?
Correction: didn't see that Safari was working for you. Still confused, as both our MBP on 10.8.3 and Mini on 10.6.8 running latest Flash stopped playing site video on Safari after last OSX Security update. Still looking for advice.
Suggest you try hose clamps; the stainless steel screw-type, available in many sizes. These would give lots more contact area around the mast (than U-bolts) to increase friction, plus the serrations in the band will give some more. The more clamps you add, the better. I'll try to send an image.
Update: MBP on 10.8.3 and updated Flash still no go - with Safari. Works fine with Firefox. What browser are you using, chefklc?
No SuperDuper anythings. The Mini says it has Flash 11.6.602.180 and that it is up to date. Are you saying there's a later one to be found? Or are there Flash settings that I need to do?
New Posts  All Forums: