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We're a 40 unit condo with built-in wiring for TV, which we'd like to upgrade to HD. Before proceeding, is this the right forum?
____________________________You can tell from the eBay listing if the item comes with the software, and can ask the seller if it includes the serial #. I got my copy that way, along with a 250+ tuner, which is great.
My Guide was about to run out yesterday, which means I was failing to connect (and also failing to notice this) for about a week. Had to keep trying to connect (by changing zip) about 4-5 times on Sun afternoon; I cancel when the connection is not brisk, and try again later. Eventually had success, and then did a net connect, so for me the servers are still working. You're doing the right thing; just keep trying.
No trace of that pic defect for me in the Chicago area over Comcast; recorded in HD and watched later.
Sancho ... My usual method to restore Guide download: in Setup, change to another zip within TV service area, cancel when connection is not brisk, try again later. After success, immediately force a net connect via the 243/Zones menu.
FCC has ruled in favor of encrypting local channels (over cable), but implementation is another matter.
Details? What version of ETV, how is it connected to what display? What kind of tuner/interface? What have you tried, what has or hasn't worked? Anything changed recently?
How about a firmware update for the TV? The HDMI 'standard' is not as standard as one would think, and I had to update mine. In fact, I was a Beta tester for the update, after which they (Hitachi) released it online.
Properly, a distribution system would be wired with taps, not splitters, though they might look similar. Sure you've got splitters?
Elesko ... In a 2009 post, you had a ShowStopper, so if you still are using the SS remote, press the blue RTV button on the top to tell it you want to control your Replay, rather than the other (TV, CATV, VCR) options (or get a newer remote; mine died a long time ago).
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