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Your RTV Manual says how to do it. My SS uses a serial cable, FWIW.
Why not download the Pioneer manual and see what it says? However, putting a BluRay player through composite video (if possible) would be a big loss of resolution. I can do it with my DVR (ReplayTV) and the PQ is tolerable, but nothing like native BluRay.
slprp1 ... Not so surprised that this issue has not been reported since it has been so common this year with dial-up that many have learned to deal with it (as I have), or have gone to an internet-connected RTV (or have bailed altogether). Since I know that my (primary) number is good, my established process, briefly, is: To restore Guide download, change Setup to another zip within TV service area, cancel when connection is not brisk, try again later. After success, ...
______________________________I freely and respectfully admit I don't know why changing the zip (or phone #) works, but it has reproducibly worked for me without exception over a dozen times this year after my connection has failed and my Program Guide has stopped updating.I realize I don't actually need a new line-up, but connecting to the Mothership somehow fixes something in my RTV and restores its ability to refresh the Guide. I can't explain it, and certainly don't...
You're doing the right thing (changing zip, etc) just keep on trying every so often until you get a brisk connection (and cancel when you don't). Then force a net connect right away. (I like to change the zip to one close by, still within my coverage area, so I don't have to change the zip back.)
And neither a warm nor a cold reboot helped to restore function?
Also running ETV on OSX 10.6.8, using two ETV 250+ AC-powered tuners. Was running ETV 3.5.2 on my MBP, saw no need to change version as it ran well. Had to reinstall on Mini after a crash, now running 3.5.1, still no problems or zero-length recordings, just a rare stutter associated with low signal strength. Agree that the current reports of recording lapses may be about an OSX-ETV version conflict, since my combo is working for me. I had been reading, IIRC, that...
A VCR is easy, but the CM is a lot, just to buy a tuner already in the TV set. For that kind of $$, couldn't the coax input be fixed? Or don't people fix anything anymore?
We get BRs from Blockbuster all the time, and they play well on our 390. I do note that minor scratches on a BR disrupt playability far more than similar ones on a DVD, even though the BRs are far more scratch-resistant than DVDs. Members here have discussed replacing (or cleaning?) the drive, and also trying various firmware versions, when there are problems.
Wikipedia notes that "Coby also serves as an OEM manufacturer for brands including Samsung, NEC, Daewoo, RadioShack's Presidian brand and Hyundai." You could try some of those codes.
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