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I know the main focus of the thread is outdoor speakers, but I saw some subwoofer references. Its easy to find the outdoor speakers but not subs. Yeah Polk makes a passive sub, but it looks like a flower pot....and its passive. The rock ones suck from what Ive heard. The option below is cheaper. What I'm doing is take a regular Dayton 10" 100 watt Dayton sub I bought off Craigslist (60 bux) and remove the plate amp, and plastic amp box, and mount that inside. That...
I was wondering if some could comment on this setup: I originally bought all promonitors (PM1000's for L/R, PM800's for rear, and ProCenter2000). They sound nice, but can't handle the volumes and clarity that I like. So I'll be upgrading and moving those to Audyssey DSX channels. I was looking at the following: -Mythos 4 - L/R -Mythos Gem XL's - Surrounds (Audyssey doesn't recommend bipolars for surrounds, but these seem to give a decent amount of "spaciousness", but...
Hey guys, ill comment on the questions probably monday, busy weekend with 2 parties at my place today. Ill get some comments from my friends and see what they think too.
Thanks MC. Im kind of hesitant to buy from Mocom since they are based overseas and don't have a footprint here. I would feel better if they had a US dealer. I know they are trying to get over here, but that could be a while. DNP is based overseas too, but they are a well respected company and have US dealers too. Ill prob order a sample anyways as you have me curious.
I recently got ahold of a DNP sample and I was comparing it to other higher gain/ambient light screens. Im not a videophile, just an average person trying to make sense of all these screens...so chances are some people will have different views. I compared the Black Diamond G3 1.4, Black Diamond G3 2.7, Vutec Silverstar (6.0 gain), and the DNP 23-23 (2.3 gain). I have some other normal screen (1.0 white/gray) samples that I compared, but all of these are in the same...
No TV. Projector.
Thanks Goros. I was interested in the Bipolar fronts and side surrounds, then direct wides and heights....but what you say is interesting. This is an example of I'm talking about. Bipolars aren't recommended for heights, but yet he utilizes them and thinks they sound great and blend in nice. Thats what I'm looking for; opinions like that.
Because I'm not an audiophile who hangs on to the tiniest bit of improvement. If it sounds good to great then I'm satisfied. I'm looking into other speakers and want to go down every avenue before I purchase them. Surely there is someone who had bipolars before then added the wide and height channels without replacing their mains and surrounds. I'm just looking for opinions.
Anyone know why the mythos ones were discontinued? Seems like the bigger drivers would be what people want. Im going to upgrade as my promonitors are lacking at high volumes. Right now I have - PM1000 for LR PC2000 Pm800 surrounds Denon 3312 Epik legend x 2 Looking at mythos 4 for LR (since the ones are no more) Gem xl's for surrounds Need a center worth upgrading to. Chet said the mythos 3 is comparable to the PC2000 Ill move the pm1000 for dsx front wides, then...
Alright, thanks. Yea im looking at a 110 inch dnp, so I might fork out the 23 bux and get a sample
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