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I have a denon 3312 with three zones. I ran a 75 ft rca cable to my garage for zone 2. Instead of me running another 75 ft for zone 3, can I split the rca signal for zone 2? Would there be any sound quality degrading? I also want that split rca signal to be powered by a cheap receiver from craigslist. I have a porch right off the garage and a deck above that. I would like 2 speakers on the deck, 2 on the porch, and a sub inbetween. Would that be possible to run it...
That looks awesome. Any idea on how much (in additional money) that bad boy will cost? Could you just pick this type of screen border instead of the original border? I mean its less material so itll cost less right?
Alright, thanks. Ive been projecting onto my wall since Nov. 2010. Been eyeing this one since Jan. I hate its taken this long for this, but the 3rd Gen Black Diamonds came out since Ive been waiting so I guess something good came out of it. Itll be bw this and the BD's prob.
Quote: Originally Posted by fraisa Yes the 2.7 has the best viewing angle, Better viewing angle comes in handy with 3d. Thats why you really need to look at the 3 gains and pick whats the deciding factor in choosing the right gain for your needs... Unfortunately, I cant. My local dealer only has a gen2 0.8 gain. Hes way overpriced, livesvin an expensive neighborhood and can charge that. He knows I basically was using him to look at a...
Quote: Originally Posted by fraisa Will Edit In.. Now Done... Repeat... Here is how I class the BD Gain's .8 Best Blacks , minor sparkle Viewing Angle 44% 1.4 Very Good Blacks and More Contrast, Minor sparkle but little more vs .8...Viewing Angle 55% 2.7 Okay Blacks and Alot of contrast, little more sparkle vs the 1.4..best 3d..Viewing Angle 60-65% Again when it comes to my screens of Choice, My First Choice is always an SI Screen Love...
Could you do the same with the viewing angle. I know the 2.7 will have the narrowest bc of the gain, but ive read where its still good. Are all of these retroreflective?
PM Sent.
How does the sparkle effect compare to the Silverstar Screen. I have a sample of that and from 10 ft back (my viewing distance) its pretty noticeable. Also, Fraisa, please send me a link also. Thanks.
Im an idiot. I assume if u are running a full typical 7.1 (i.e. Back surrounds), and your AVR is DSX capable, then you would need an external amp for the heights and an external amp for the wides.
Thanks for the replies. BTW, how do the amps work with these channels? Mine is a 7.2 receiver but with the wides and heights it makes it an 11.2. Does the amp cut off at a certain point and power the extras?
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