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If you want someone to take notice, mention pricing of anything.
Michael, I didn't see this anywhere, but I was wondering if this was retro or angular reflective. Im probably gonna wait until this comes out but will go ahead and mount my projector.
Michael, check your PM's.
Id pay 20 bucks just to have a 6"x6" sample so I can feel good about the screen choice I am about to make. That screen looks awesome. Any way to make this happen?
Marcos, im in the same position as you except I wanted a fixed frame. I needed high gain but was worried about viewing angle. The microlite looked like the holy grail (and still may be), but I waited 5 months for it and nothing. The Silverstar looks to be comparable. I guess the good part about it is that I waited so long for the microlite that I saved enough to buy the silverstar.
Well, at least it looks like my email made it to you. Looks like its going to da-lite high power for me. Ill reassess in 2012 when the microlite is out and reviews are in. Please keep us updated Michael.
Alright its March. Wheres the damn screen? I called IBCnet since they are the ones developing microlites website. I talked to a guy who is going to foward my email to microlite. I asked about availability, gain, price, where to buy, etc.....so hopefully ill hear something soon. I wouldnt get my hopes up though.
Ive emailed the company who is developing microlite's website. I haven't heard from them,but if I haven't by tomorrow then I will call them. Im going to try and get some contact info from them. Will keep updated.
Really need an update on this one. Ive ready to pull the trigger on a screen but am waiting on this one.
Im interested in this one also. I saw the youtube video a couple of days ago but havent seen much talk about it. -you said competively priced...any idea on a range? -any samples you can send out?
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