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I put the product number as a I didn't see any number labeled "serial".
Uggh. Im 13 days past the 30 day window for the free lamp. Im so pissed at myself now. Has anyone been able to get a lamp after the 30 days. Ive called Epson and they referred me to someone within the rebate department who might can help. I've sent all the stuff in today.....fingers crossed.h
Does this company have samples of their materials available?
Anyone? I looked at a carada but its about 800 for the bw.
Any help is appreciated. I bought an epson 8700ub and love it. Ive got it in a room thats about 13x17. Its just sitting on a table with no screen. Its at max zoom and the lens is about 10.5-11ft from the wall. I measured about 110 inches. It looks great even on the wall. I wish the brightness was a little better,but im sure that wil increase when a screen is added. I have pictures of the room if that will help but had a few questions. -what is the gain of a...
Ha. We will be doing the same thing tonight. Cant wait. We're just projecting onto a wall right now and it looks amazing. I can't imagine it with a screen. We had alot of people over for football yesterday and they we're blown away and asked why even get a screen. What screen are you using?
Mine should be in on Friday. This will be my first projector so I cant compare it to anything. I'll have some pictures up when I get it. I don't have a screen ready as I have to take everything piece by piece and not break the bank. After researching some, and going by Art's review, I'm leaning towards just a white 16x9 106" (or close to that) with a 1.5 gain. I'll have some ambient light during the day which can be minimized with curtains. I'll also be watching...
Jason, Any idea if you guys got some of these today. I ordered one from daniel yesterday and he saidthere weren't any in stock and should be in the next few days. I also didn't get a confirmation email yet. How long do those take? Was really hoping to get it before this weekend as I have some friends coming over for some football...its my first and I cam't wait. Thanks.
I haven't heard anything but I'm also waiting on some kind of announcement. It seems like they are losing sales by not saying something. Many want a new projector now and are jumping on the new epsons. Im deciding between an 8350 and 8700ub, but also would like to consider a panny. Bad marketing move IMO if they are keeping a tight lip.....of course they did the the same thing last year I believe.
would I need an external anamorphic lens to get to 2.35 on this projector?
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