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It's too bad that the sound is still screwed up! It's still surging up and down all the time. RIDICULOUS!!
The news on 21 WFMJ is FINALLY in HD!
When is 21 WFMJ going to fix the problem with the sound surging up and down? It was doing it this morning on the Today show and last night on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.
What is up with the volume surging up and down on 21 WFMJ in the last couple mornings? It is doing it right now.
The problem disappeared for me Thursday night. I am not having the issue now. The channel appears to be working fine now and it is not affecting my DVR like that now. It rewinds and fast forwards fine now. I don't know what the issue was, but they must have fixed it. I wish WFMJ Chief would come on here and tell us whether they were having a problem or not and that they fixed it. Then everyone would believe me that there was a problem with the station.
Yeah sure... It's my equipment, but no other channel is doing this. Come on get real...
It is not a signal problem. The signal strength is 91 or 92. Which is pretty strong and the yellow box is not popping up so it is not losing signal.
I am receiving 21 WFMJ (21.1) OTA and I am running it through my Dish Network VIP622 DVR receiver. There is nothing wrong with my receiver because it does not do this on any other channel. I have older recordings that I recorded from this channel and they play fine, but for the past few days they are messed up. Everytime there is a problem with something it is not always everyone elses equipment. I am so sick of everyone always blaming problems on peoples equipment because...
Then you must be as blind as a bat because there is something wrong with the channel and it isn't a signal problem it is something wrong with their output of the channel. It is even messing up my DVR when I record an event on this channel the DVR will not rewind or fast forward and just freezes. When it does rewind or fast forward it goes really slow and keeps breaking up while it's rewinding or fast forwarding. The DVR does not do this on any other channel and it didn't...
When is 21 WFMJ going to fix the problems with their channel? It keeps breaking up and losing sound every 20 seconds.
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