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OK gotya
!So are you saying they won't be available in 2014 or that a certain product worth waiting for doesn't arrive till next year?I am willing to wait if its worth it!
Me too.....I read in the comments section of my first link that Denon/Marantz will be releasing pre/pros in the fall incorporating Dolby Atmos decoding... HHHNNNGGGGGG!!!
Oh...on a related note, here is another audioholics article comparing the HT version of Dolby Atmos with the Cinema version: http://www.audioholics.com/audio-technologies/dolby-atmos-for-home-cinema
So it seems like we are on the dawn a major update in surround processing....namely, Object oriented audio codecs by both Dolby and dts.I see in this audioholics article, Atmos for home theater is due this fall in $1K and above recievershttp://www.audioholics.com/editorials/dolby-atmos-home-theaterOn the dts side, they demoed a UHD decoder on a prototype Cirrus Logic DSP board, so they too are probably less than a year away from introducing a consumer Object Audio...
I believe so, yes Dolby Vision=FALD 10 bit panel, although it can be 720p, 1080p or 2160p
Doesn't Dolby Vision tech require Full Array Local Dimming backlighting?Even though it doesn't mention it, I am pretty sure the TCL 85 inch is a FALD display, if it indeed has Dolby Vision
Every single game released sofar for the PlayStaion 4 is 1080p except for Battlefied 4, which is 900p
So I found out Sharp has FOUR DIFFERNT 80 inch panels available They are: LC-80C6500U LC-80LE650U LC-80LE757U LC-80LE857U I am looking for a more high end viewing experience so I would probably be more interested in the two more expensive TVs LC-80LE857U and LC-80LE757U What are the differences between these two sets and how do they compare to the Samsung 75F8000 and/or Vizio m801d?
So I am looking for a large TV for my living room. I really like the Sammy F8000 but 75 inch model is very expensive. If the performance of that TV is really that good, I am willing to bite the bullet, but I am wondering what other 1080p alternatives I have in that size range. I alrealdy bought a Vizio m601d for my bedroom and I think its a pretty good set. I know they make an 801d that I can get for just over 3 grand at costco. I also know Sharp makes some 80 inch panels...
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