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Has anyone had a buzzer, returned it, and gotten one that does not buzz?
Ah yes, the old "improves picture quality." Certainly.
Any idea what's in it?
D-Nice, would you say its a foregone conclusion that OLED will win the shootout. Is there anyway that an LED LCD can compete at this time? Thanks.
I'm very happy with DirecTV, especially channels like Fox HD and science. They look crystal-clear even at 70 inches.
If you're going to watch news 80% of the time be mindful of burn in. LCD may still be the way to go for you.
Greater than 20'? Ouch. It's probably heresy to say in these parts but give a good look at a big Sharp LCD. Sure there are better displays but at 20'+ you won't see it anyway.
I'm pretty sure such an animal doesn't exist. This has been an ongoing topic on AVS for some time now. Probably better to focus on your needs. What is your budget, viewing distance, viewing habits, etc.?
Speakerphile, I am failing to see the difference in what you and I are saying. It seems you fully agree with me. Smart man
+1 Supply and demand rules the day. Amazon shouldn't (have to) be any different in regards to pricing. If the set can be found cheaper elsewhere, all things considered, buy there.
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