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How do you know this? I'm curious because I've been holding out to see if they do an 80" Elite or something close to it. Did Sharp make an announcement?
Try Best Buy in Danbury CT, Value Electronics and Cleveland Plasma. If they don't give you that number tell them your budget allows for no more than 4k and ask if anyone there is able to authorize that price for a sale right NOW. If you plan on buying other items and/or financing let them know - you want to entice them to make a small sale as much as possible.
The only people who KNOW aren't talking. They work for Sharp and won't show their cards until CES in early January. It's entirely possible the next Elite (if there is one) will be an 80" 4k unit which can only be ungodly expensive. It certainly is possible the 2013s will be better... I can't really picture a scenario where they would be worse. Unless you want a bigger picture, the 2012 70" is very likely the best way to go.
I need a new doctor!
Audessey yes. Never had X32 so I can't really speak to that.
Vincent, I know what you're going through brother. I too suffer from owning only one Submersive. When I first bought it life was grand, but the more time I spent with it the more I wanted. Food lost it's taste. Feelings of inadequacy crept in. Sleep was restless at best and medications had no effect. My doctor told me I have a rare disorder called monosubmersiveitis - or MSI. He said there is a cure and that all I had to do was call Mark Seaton and order another one. This...
Speaking of gear hooked up to an Elite, what voltage regulators/power conditioners are you guys using? If I remember correctly, the Elite is very particular about pure sine wave or some such thing. Would the Panamax M5400 be a good unit? Or something like it where I can shut off the front display? I don't think the display can be shut off on the Panamax.
Anyone know the likelihood of the 2013 VT50s being available in the 75"-85"+ size range? Any credible sources with rumors? The wait is killing me...
Might want to re-read that. The quote stated that the KURO "trounced" the Elite in off-axis viewing. You two are in agreement on the "trouncing".
That's what I would have said.
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