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Chad, would you care to share your early impressions/opinions of the Elite vs the VT50? I'm interested in your prediction for the VE shootout winner. Thanks! John
Unless this thing has a picture that starts to rival an Elite X5FD, ya really gotta think twice about saving $5k+ on the Mitsubishi 92" DLP. Heck, you could get the DLP AND a 60X5FD and have money left over. I'd love to have one (I sit about 15' from my set) but at that kind of money, its just not worth it.
Japan Dave is/was, but I think he's only on Seaton Sound forum.
My vote was for a SubMersive HP. I've had mine for about a year now and am always impressed. Articulate, clean, powerful and just the right size. And with the variety of high quality finishes, handsome. I've never heard the other two, but you just can't go wrong with Seaton.
I think just about every TV enthusiast is looking forward to the 80" elite. God knows I am. The only other set I'd like to see more would be a 90" elite. I just hope they stay away from 4k and "fine tune" the existing X5FD platform.
This list is also good for white-collar workers that work hard for every dollar earned.
For a sub, check out the Seaton SubMersive HP. Absolutely ridiculous performance. It was involved in (and won) an exceptionally well written shoot-out with other highly respected subs, which can be seen in the "subwoofers, bass, and transducers" section. I don't remember the name of the thread, but a little Google search should find it quickly.The SubMersive is available in many furniture-grade finishes, which is always good for the WAF. Mark Seaton makes wonderful...
That's what I would have said lol
I've had the Klipsch 2.1 setup (I forget the exact name) for several years now and have really enjoyed it. Nice, clean sound and great bass for what it is. I own a SubMersive HP, so you'd think I'd be underwhelmed, but its pretty funny what that little thing can do. Last I checked I believe it was very reasonably priced, but you should double check on Best Buy or Amazon. Good luck.PS I have not heard much else so I really don't have much to compare it to PC-wise.
Another (and great) monster sealed sub is the Seaton SubMersive HP. Dual 15"s with a 2400w amp. Just an incredible sub, albeit at a higher price than most.
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