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Thanks Eric. I misunderstood you. I thought you were in the process of confirming with Amazon, not that you were confirming with us. Lol Do you have any idea when the promo ends with Paul's TV? John
Please let us know. Also, would it qualify for free shipping? Lastly, does the 64F8500 put off much/any heat? This would be going in a bedroom and the less heat the better.
Eric, I tried looking into the promotion but it would not let me apply the code. Did it work for you already?
? The F8500 cannot be dimmed to match the lower output of the Panasonic?
Pick up a used Elite X5FD. They're on eBay often.
I think it was for the entire run of the TVs which was 4/11-11/12. I tried checking the box of my Elite but it is too buried in storage to easily access. I cannot speak to what Pioneer does with their boxes as I have only bought one Pioneer product and that was over 5 years ago.John
Turnne1, I'm pretty sure build dates were on the boxes of the Elite PRO-X5FD. Just an FYI.
I went from newbie's settings to a pro calibration. The improvement was subtle, but it was there. Certainly not night and day though.
Chris, please check your PM. I sent you a message about 64F8500 pricing and calibration. Thank you.
Weasel, that looks like the one! Under description it notes both the 60" and 70". Thank you.
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