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Could someone please link the IR sensor for the 70X5FD? It would probably be a good idea to have a spare. Thanks.
YOTR, there is a new 60" on eBay from a reputable seller. Problem is the price - $4,200. Other bad news: I called the Ocoee, Florida Best Buy yesterday about the last 60" Elite in existence. It turns out that the screen got cracked by a guy in the warehouse about a week ago. He told me they were going to try and see if Pioneer (I know, I know) could repair it. Needless to say, any new Elite is going to cost a pretty penny. Good luck finding a new 60". If they have two at...
BTW, Comcast will (almost) always be softer than blu-rays.
Patipai, the Darbee works by increasing the perceived contrast (at least that is my understanding). Sharpness and black levels are not affected and the TV will not need to be recalibrated. Users almost universally agree to leave it at a moderate setting (somewhere between 40-55%). Your wife noticing softness in Comcast might not be blown away. The better the source the greater the benefit of the Darbee, which is why people here love it on quality transfer blu-rays.
JD, good question. I wondered the same thing myself when Gregg was over. I don't remember if I asked him or not. Apparently Kevin Miller has been calibrating in THX and ISF (Radtech had his set calibrated by Kevin in THX and the setting are linked by OBXdiver at the top of the page.) Maybe Radtech can chime in.
Ermau, to answer your question, yes, THX is different from other modes. About 10 months ago I had my set professionally calibrated by Gregg Loewen at Lion AV. Here is his info:http://lionav.com/new/?page_id=155 Gregg was on tour and spent about three hours at my house, bringing everything you could imagine, including a $24,000 meter for color correction. (The only one in use on the east coast). Crazy stuff. Anyway, Gregg explained how THX is different than other user...
The Antimode is a great piece, but if you're looking to calibrate the system professionally you'll need to buy different gear. You could contact Mark Seaton and ask him directly who to use. Chad B is also a great calibrator who travels. He might go to Cali. UMR is another. You could PM him. John
I do not use the tuner, only DirecTV.
I have a 70" Elite. The IR sensor is far more particular about where you are commanding it from than any TV I've ever seen. Fortunately, everything is programmed to a Harmony remote and run through my AVR, so the only command the Elite receives is on/off. If your Elite IR isn't ideal I highly recommend this workaround.
Can you? Only if the wife/GF allows it
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