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Not sure how helpful it is but they opened a BJ's Brewhouse near us and i noticed they have onyx panels throughout the resturant, not sure if there is one near you but if there is it maybe worth checking out and at the very least you can enjoy a couple good beers
it appears FedEx and the customer pay no mind to the red stickers all the way around the box with the arrows pointing up LOL!!!!
Believe it or not there is really is not much of a cost savings at all, it seemed that the crates where taking more of beaten. I guess fedex see's a big crate and thinks it is good time to play forklift hockey or something.the new boxes also are easier to the customer it weighs less then half of the wooden crate, and your trash man is cussing you on trash day
LOL!!!what about the quiet rock??? layer of 5/8 osb on hat channel the layer of 5/8 is the common practice i thought ? then again the curve frenzy went with i think 3 layers of 5/8 drywall.... not sure the quiet rock is worth the additional cost imo, same results or better can obtained for less $$ going with the OSB and 5/8 drywall.
like the color of the cabinets and the floor looks great the dogs must be pissed they can't chew on it LOL!!!
i actually considered those and like them very much bun the end i would if only been able to fit 3 across and really want the maximum amount of seating in our space so ended up going with thesebelieve or not they are just as comfortable as the from row is. the ones you are looking at are wider and for the price i would hope just as comfy
I swear i did not realize you had that one LOL!!! but now that i have i am not giving it back
So close to being able to post in the "show me your completed Theater" thread just some final touches left. couple pieces of trim in the bar area and couple shelf's on either side of the TV I also think i am going to get the same equipment rack the Big used beam and post build, really think it needs to have door on it just give the bar i nice finished look, i can re purpose the the current slime 5 in the network room behind the steps, to hold the two servers and switch,...
this is fun project for sure i did it with a basic track lighting kit and then found some blue led lights to light up behind the screen i have since adjusted them some to keep the light from reflecting off the back of the screen,that is the trick you have to play with the lights to get that perfect effect.the cool thing is if you turn them on when the credits role at the end of the movie they look like there floating in mid air
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