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ty to both of you for your responses.
hey i got a question. i get wkbn and wneo only at night and not sure why,was hoping someone would have the answer.I know they are further away but it got me puzzled
i am kind of a novice but if i was were you i would say maybe there is a obstacle between you and the tower ex. a tree maybe.i heard that digitial signals dont go though them. Thats just a starting point.if thats the case and its on your property prune or remove it.
your welcome dxernut it is comfirmed. www.myretrotv.com/affiliates.html just scroll down the page til you get to the states.wbgn is listed in PA as pittsburgh station.
i have to confirm it but i heard from a reliable source that rtv will be on wbgn channel 59.3 june 13th
im excited too, just in time for my birthday on saturday.i am looking forward to me tv also.i dont believe there is any special agreement . They are just honoring the rest of the contract .which i mentioned would be up september 30th so dont look for any channel movement til then.
your welcome dxernut/i have more info.It says on wikipedia it may be on before september30th.It lists shop nbc on.1 but ion on .2qubo on .3 and ion life on .4 ,so i guess keep checking.
Quote: Originally Posted by dxernut Does anybody have any NEW info on ION? Just got off the phone with someone at wqed. She said ion wont be on til september30th.That is when the shopnbc contract runs out.
i dont have an attitude,as far as technical people whats technical about talking about station swapping among other things.
ok whatever u say didnt kow you were a teacher.thought this was a forum not school
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