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ty for helping me again i bought rg6 now its alot better
i found out the source of th eproblem why i wasnt getting wbgn it was the cable is there a particular type of cable that should be used for the digitial channels
is an yone else having trouble getting wbgn in its been off all day dont know if its my setup or if something is wrong at there end
got home a little after midnight and saw they finished their conversion 16 is on 38 now also i am now able to get all the channels except for 59 which im not worried about i get 19 and 13 very nicely just a sidenote i have dish network and right now 13 and 16 is not on because of them switching around so much for not having to worry about digitial conversion if u got them haha also almost forgot ty again to everyone for all their technical advice i found out the round...
wanted to let everyone know i got a different antenna and i am now getting 13 on 13 and 38 only channels im having trouble with is 22 and 59 with 59 dont have too much on anyways i am pleased with the results ty to everyone who helped me
they have been saying the switch would happen no later then november 18th that would be my guess thats why im trying to get another anntena to get vhf better
ty everyone for all your help forgot to say im about 23 miles away from pittsburgh in northeastern allegheny county i will go to radioshack and pick up one of the antnnas u suggested cause seems like your right doesnt pick up vhf very well
was wondering if someone could help i have a radioshack outdoor antenna looks like a mini dish i have been having trouble with getting vhf channels first once wwcp channel 8 went back to 8 i lost it (although i learned they lowered their power so that might be the case) 19 i only get once in a while now with people saying they have been getting signal on 13 i havent been getting any was wondering if anyone knew what techinically might be wrong
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