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When using 2 channel digital in and direct mode.. you can not use sub So the only way to use sub is to use stereomode and audyssey off Why audyssey off ? - Becourse I do not whant to use audyssey when listen to music Am I alone ? - No .. Offcourse not Maveric
Quote: Originally Posted by Dundas If you do want to it is easy to do using the discrete IR remote codes that Onkyo/Integra have made available. . Please let me know where to find them and what do I need to use them Edit: I found this page http://www.awe-europe.com/ir_232.html and IR codes for Onkyo 5508 and in there DHC 80.2 Do I need a Logitech remote ? I do not have any knowledge in remotes and codes .. I never had to learn becourse I...
was my english so bad Quote: Originally Posted by pepar swedmaveric, owners do not turn Audyssey on and off. Why do you want to? Jeff Yes They Do and I Do ! I want it to change on/off in stereomode or if do not want to use Audyssey when playing multichannel music Quote: Originally Posted by BrolicBeast Answers to SOME of your questions: Brolic .. I'm not a Newbie I did not ask for answers .. I just inform...
I have got a good contact with the Swedish Distributor. But I have twice tried to get in contact with Integra EU via the Feedback Form and once via email. No answer at all.. Integra EU use the same office as Onkyo EU and maybe that is the reason. One moore reason could be that they are located in Germany and do they understand English ??? Maveric
I write this in Swenglish There is some setting that is missing if I do compare to other Receivers and Processors .. Have sent my questions to Integra Audyssey The ability to turn Audyssey on / off is not having any button on the remote. You can not choose Audyssey on / off for each source and that it remains in the memory Audyssey is probably in the wrong menu and should be in the source menu, so you do not have to go into the menu every time you...
I use both with Tv and only Tv
But only from Analog Source There is no bass management from Digital Source in Direct mode I do not understand Why not .. Do you ?
I have the european modell and there has not been raporting any bugs since last FW update .. (Nov. 2010)
Offcourse Integra do underastand to let me do my own settings .. But that was the smallest problem ... of them all ..
Please let me Know .. Depends if you read before first update och after .. I have tested all features and can not find any ..
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