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If you still wounder about Audyssey .. I have got may new Integra DHC-80.2 Integra sounds great with XT32 and mutch better than A100 Everything works perfekt and there is no bugs at all .. Hope you can feel the same in the future with Denon Ps. If you never test Integra, you will never know
If I do not use Audyssey or Dyn EQ with my Sonos ant then change input to Movie .. Where I used audyssey last time .. audyssey stay off.. Does Integra not use input memory ?
Have spent 4 hours with my first Integra. Have had Onkyo 5507 and Denon AVR-A100 (last one is buggy) This is what I need .. Everything works fine and sounds great Use Emotiva Xpa-2 and UPA-7 Sony HW20 Projector and Monitor Audio RX + 2 SVS Subs Swedmaveric
Becourse it looks good .. I ask becourse I read earlier in this thread or another.. that it is not. But I can not find that post again. And last post makes me wondering. I'm waiting for my New 80.2 and would like to know if there is any reason to use XLR to my Emotiva XPA-2 or not. I will go from Denon AVR-A100 to Integra 80.2 and has not been using XLR
Is Integra 80.2 fully balanced ? If not .. Why use XLR ?
yes, they never listen My A100 goes in return next week To many bugs and moore than you can find in this thread You will find them later
Thanx for the information Its sad, they dont do anything about it
Have you tried to use native 480i/576i and 720p and 1080i Change channel from 1080i => 720p => 480i/576i several times I got native resulotion and no upscaling from Denon The only native resulotion that is working is 1080i => 1080p I got Panna V10 and it show input resulotion on screen .. I know there is owners out there with this issue and want to know what brand you are using ..
I have previously asked the question but received no answer .. Those of you who have DirecTV satellite box or other brand. Have you also problems with the upscaling feature.? My use of the bluray or TV ... 25% / 75% It is a shame that you can not use the upscaling feature Please let me know if there are many more with me having this problem
it also breaks the power to the amplifier But maybe that is the same thing
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