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Try the 18v 110 port on the bottom. I have the most luck with that satellite for some reason. I have never connected a single lmb so I am just guessing.
Mike Embers Acoustic sound design dot com 888-224-3663
Black Matte Tower pair Black Matte Horizon center one RAAL (Ribbon) tweeter for the center channel two pairs of CBM-170 Ascend is who I chose. Best deal and best freq response. Jim Salk spent a lot of energy trying to educate me but his pristine speaker lines are a little out of my budget. I really wanted to but the Veracity's but they are more like furniture meant to be passed down. Pure beauty. Thanks martycool007 for the advice! And thank you to each of you that took...
I just want flat black. Not looking to impress with the lights on so much. HA! Thank you!!
I can get (3) KL-650-THX cheaper than what I can get 2 RF-7 II and a RC-64II. What the dilly-0? Also can get 2 rbh SX-6300 towers and a SX-6100C center channel for about 30% more. I've not heard from the other companies, yet. I'll post the responses.
Thanks! Contacting Chase, jtr, Salk and ascend. Thanks for the info!
OK, I am narrowing down some choices to replace my Emotiva ERM-6.3 C and ERM-6.2 L/R. I have two brands that seem to be winning the PRICE vs. PERFORMANCE. Klipsch RF-7 II along with RC-64 II or SVS Sound Ultra Towers and Center I can get for virtually the SAME price. I have also been kicking around rbh 6300r and 6100 c/r KILLING me. Just want to have speakers that make my Emotiva XPA 300 work and make me happy in my 2700 cubic foot dedicated theater room. I have two...
I have been trying to contact Epik since Sept 28. It is now Oct 8 and STILL no reply. I have sent 5 emails and called and left 4 VMs. I took my sub (Empire) apart and sent the burned amp to a gentleman in Las Vegas. I do not have any other alternatives. My bet is it is unfixable, I'll try to get it back and then Chad from epik will void my warranty. I just want to BUY another amp to work in my Empire. WTH??
I pulled the amplifier. I can replace, it is pretty charred. Wish the Epik people would respond. Any ideas on what where I would buy a nice replacement amplifier that will fit the Empire??
If I can't get a hold of them, any suggestions on a replacement amp for my beloved empire?
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