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Did you ORDER a generic or the better Phillips lamp?
I have listened to WNCT 107.9 for the last three days at different times AM and PM. What happened to the Oldies But Goodies? Am I late for the funeral? Does anybody have an answer or answers? Thanks
I think I got it! It's functionality it's close to that of the Genie client(s).Thanks
Pardon my ignorance. Please explain your "digital adapters."Thanks
WITN Jim Howard attire: Lime green shirt against a flaming pink TIE. That tells me the colors on my TV do NOT need any adjustments!
Folks assess the way these two local reporters perform. Mr. Josh Birch CH 9 WNCT reports in a very smooth way while keeping his voice gracefully controlled both from the studio and from the field. Ch 7 WITN Mr. Dan Yesenoski's voice control is an awful mess both from the studio and worse from the field. I do NOT understand why he raises his voice pitch ungracefully. It's like a singer trying for a high note that is not able to reach. It will be hopefully interesting to...
If your picture still looks washed-up I would say your AVR does a poor job with video processing because it does not have a good video processing chip.What's your Yamaha AVR model number?
OK, thanks.
Are you saying that WCTI CH 12 broadcasts with DD 5.1? Yes or No? BTW I am curious what brand and model is your blu ray player? Thanks
Thank you for sharing your set-up, Sir. My humble OTA antenna and tons of trees around my house prevent me from accessing those channels, Sir. With ALL due respect I don't have anything against Yamaha. It's brand from laserdisc players to AVR's it does NOT impress me. Finally it is IRONIC that you promote the optical cable VS HDMI just to tell us that you are using a digital coaxial cable(I assume?) for DD 5.1 audio.Again thanks
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