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arnyk, I have no idea what you mean by your comment about the Peachtree Nova. My question is if the Dared 130 has a decent DAC and is well suited to my RX2's at reasonable listening levels. nycmtber, I think you will like your new RX2's. they have an excellent build quality and sound great.
Thanks for the input everyone, I'm very happy with my Nova as it does power my new speakers nicely at the volume levels I listen to (not loud) . I just don't listen to music the way I did years ago when all I cared about was watts and bass. I am wondering about the specs on the DAC On the 130 because I listen to my music collection through a vortexbox as flac files. The Nova does not have the best DAC out there, but it does power my speakers at levels allowed in my...
Thinking of upgrading my amp, a Peachtree Nova. Looking at the Dared 130. It has a built in DAC, but no specs are given about it that I can find. Not sure if it has enough power either.
A question to you Opus 4 user's, Is there a way to correct for incorrect album art? Paste in your own, or do some kind of search? I have been riping CD's to my new Vortexbox and find that I have the same problems. I don't mind fixing small problems here and there manually,it's really not Olive's fault. And for the backing up of files goes, I don't care about doing anything but backing up my machine. BUT I would expect a way to correct for the usual problems that occur when...
Hey all... I talked to Matt at Olive. About backing up the new Opus 4, it uses a zipped file. Different from us older Opus 3 users. He did infer that copyright laws are involved. However he did say that if you would be re-loading directly to the Opus4, everything would be good. Kurt
mumsoft... I live in the U.S. and maybe I could help. I am going to have to call them and ask again"Where is my fricking remote!" Don't own an Olive 4 myself, but is it supposed to back up in ext3? or are you hoping they would make it possible. Like I said I need to call them AGAIN anyway, I could ask Your question and save you some phone time. I just would need a few more details about your query. Let me know, I plan on calling them Friday. They seem slow at returning...
Here is a link to the "Mod-Image" thread, it's in German, so Google translate it if you don't know the language. (I wish I did because there is allot of info relating to the old Musica on the forum.) http://www.hifidelio-user.de/viewtopic.php?p=1764#1764 Basically, it is an ISO file that you burn to a disk and load on your Opus/Musica (NOT THE NEW OPUS 4) as you would a CD software update. What it does is allow you to see your music files over your network and drag...
I wonder if the new Zune player might work as a controller? I have read it has web-browsing capability. Mark is aging gracefully, "Cleaning my gun" is my fave.
Has anyone tried this hack on their old Opus/Musica's. "Mod-Image" Its on the German forum, don't know if I can provide a link on this one without breaking the rules here. Anyway if you have tried it, did it work? I'm assuming if you have, you know what I'm talking about egoss... What HD do you think works best for a Musica upgrade? I'm thinking putting in a 500GB HD also.
Dogface1, Egoss... Thanks for offering your support. I received an e-mail from Olive today about my last request for a remote. Sent to them about two weeks ago. They wanted to confirm my shipping address. Great news indeed, I then decided to call them to ask if they could also include a recovery disk, and they said they would. COOL Question: how is the i-phone app working and can other devices with web browsing capabilities be used as a control ? Kurt
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