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Hey guys, quick question. Sorry if it's obvious, but I want some VT50-specific info. I'm looking into a sound bar for my new home; if it has an HDMI input, can I run an HDMI cable from it to the HDMI 2 input on the VT50 for ARC, then connect my cable box, PS3, etc via the remaining HDMI inputs on the VT50? In other words, will the TV accept audio via HDMI 1, 3, or 4 and output it to the sound bar over HDMI 2? Or am I looking at just using the optical output from the VT50?...
I have a VT50, and my IR hasn't gone away after a month. There is the slightest chance that it has reduced somewhat, but it's still there for sure.
This is the main problem I'm having. I was under the impression that permanent burn-in could only occur from extreme situations, like leaving a static image up for days. But here I am with the Assassin's Creed 3 life meter still visible on my 65VT50 after not playing the game for a month. All caused by a handful of 2-3 hr gaming sessions.
I agree. The problem is it's impossible to determine the difference between a truly defective unit and one that has been tortured, especially from the manufacturer's standpoint. This forum is littered with guys that say they play games or watch ESPN all day every day and have never seen a bit of IR, and guys that take every precaution imaginable and still get IR. This is my first plasma so I'm just as confused about it as everyone else.
Does it mean anything that my IR is now basically invisible on an all white screen, or when running the built-in scrolling bar? I can still see it clear as day on solid colored screens, especially lighter blues and greens, but it's invisible on reds, yellows, and now white.
There is no way to tell if it will go away or not. You're in the same boat as many of us. My recommendation is just to watch TV as you normally would and try to forget about it. Then check for it again in a few weeks and see if it's still there. I've had no luck with break-in slides, pixel flippers, etc.
I truly can live with the buzzing, but it makes me wonder if it is related in some way to increased IR. I guess there's no way to know, but they seem to follow each other in some cases.Like I said, I'll give it a few more weeks. I'm out of my return period so there's no hurry at this point. If I don't see any improvement, I'll be calling that uber-special Viera Concierge support line.
It does seem as if this IR is really only visible when the screen is primarily comprised of a blue or green color, which is the color of the AC3 health bar. Seems as if those pixels have just been aged prematurely.I also started to notice IR of just about any network logo I watched, but that seems to go away fairly quickly. This AC3 health meter isn't budging one bit, as you said.The thing is, isn't truly permanent burn-in supposed to take hundreds or thousands of hours of...
Any update on your AC3 IR? Mine is still visible. It's most visible on the blue PS3 menu screen, the one for the PS Store, etc. All other times you really have to focus to find it, but on that particular screen it's entirely visible as a dark half circle. I guess it's been almost two weeks now with very little change. I haven't played AC3 or any other game since I first saw the IR.Dear plasma gods, I promise I will never game on this TV again if this IR goes away!
Great to hear! I think my AC3 IR has faded somewhat, but it's definitely still there. Here's to hoping it fades over time as yours has.
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