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I spent a good half hour or so on his website. The designs are certainly very interesting, but like you, I could find little in actual specifications and nothing on pricing. I just assumed if I had to ask about the price, I probably couldn't afford it . As lovinthehd stated, it appears he sells only to private clientele.
That would be fun. As much as I like my XS30, a SubMersive HP would certainly beat it. I did enjoy reading about a SubMersive owner at a recent subwoofer shootout that gave the XS30 very high marks when he heard it (as did the others at the meet). Can't remember where I read it though.BTW, aren't Bossobass subs dual-opposing (only in the vertical plane)?
Wow! Congratulations!!! I think you'll be quite amazed.
^^ Congratulations! Once you get it and set it up, let us know what your thoughts are.
What Jim said . And Jim can tell you how impressive the Rythmik E15HP truly is! View his review here: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1471574/rythmik-e15-vs-svs-sb13-ultra/90 . Dual subwoofers will take that to a new level, plus you'll have the benefit of smoothing room response, which is the number one reason why some are not completely satisfied with their purchase. Do you need that much subwoofer(s)? Only you can decide what you're looking for as far as shaking your...
^^ While I can only comment on the XS30 (since I own that sub and know how it performs), I think the consensus is that two subs are generally better since two can help tame peaks and nulls within your media room, thus giving you a better chance to have the response you are looking for at all seating positions (of course, there are no guarantees -- each room is different). Also, I would think that one Rythmik or XS30 in your living room would be pretty impressive as well,...
I did indeed misread your post. Your room size would be considered on the small size (under 2,000 cu.ft.) so your sub requirements can be factored down accordingly.
Wow, you have a huge volume to fill. Having the amplifier face the wall is the normal orientation for any subwoofer, dual-opposed or not (no one wants to see the cables). That's not to say one cannot orient them differently (consider the subwoofer as a point source with sound waves radiating outward).
Calypte: I'm happy to hear that you plan on getting your Maggies repaired. They are a wonderful sounding speaker, but like you, I don't think a full Maggie surround is cost effective. At a minimum, one would need a Maggie center to go along with your 1.6s. The rear speakers can be handled by conventional bookshelf speakers. And again, congratulations on your VTF-3 Mk 4. I'm glad it is giving you the solidity needed on many of your CDs. You'll find weight, detail and...
So tell me, Calypte, how are you enjoying your VTF-3 Mk 4? How does Saint Saen's Organ Symphony sound? Are you feeling those 16 Hz notes?There is a distinct disadvantage of auditioning speakers at a showroom vs an in-home trial. Rarely is everything setup properly. I didn't think much of the HB-1 when my audition began (I was auditioning the ULS-15 at the time). I stopped the audition within the first 10 seconds and had them readjust everything because the sub was...
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